wj’s setting: chill-out mode

the precept  “a picture is  worth a thousand words” points out that a single still image invokes infinite ideas. 

i definitely adhere to this adage though in this particular photo, i would say that there’s only one impression which could be drawn out from this. 


serenity. this was the intangible thing i asked for at https://wanderingjouster.com/2013/09/16/entreaty/
bumping into rommel miles corro, a former bedan colleague and friend, i had to document our reunion of sort as we performed the same role that evening of october 7, monday. we were both in san beda to fetch our respective sons, who are both members of the high school track and field varsity, after their training. pleasantries and brief updating were exchanged. this led to my mentioning that i was on a self-proclaimed sabbatical leave from running unlike him who had regularly done his training runs even without joining registered races religiously.
looking at this picture again, i had to introspect whether the aura i projected was due to my not running for more than a month now (the inner me is actually opposing…ha-ha!) or may be, it emanated from another reason.
could this reason be the presence of my husband who is home for his annual break from his overseas work? i guess so. finally after a year, my performing a dual role took a backseat the moment he arrived. i had to hand him the baton of command right away! as a result, tensions and stresses were decreased as we again have the big boss of the house. i had to heave a big sigh of relief as he took full responsibility even in scheduling our weekend itinerary. yay!
revisiting nuvali - the big boss's choice
revisiting nuvali – the big boss’s choice
my boys clowning around
my boys clowning around
the BB with our knight
the BB with our knight
knight, not showing any trace that he had just recuperated from asthma
knight, not showing any trace that he had just recuperated from asthma
with the twins
with the twins
the main target destination
the main target destination
for the boys only???
for the boys only???
knight's chosen game for approval
knight’s chosen PS vita game for approval
when will they outgrow their fondness of these games?
when will they outgrow their fondness of these games?
gurts for... WJ!
gurts for… WJ!
happy and excited for their new PS3 game
happy and excited for their new PS3 game
indeed, it’s still a wonderful feeling to have the man in the house despite temporarily sacrificing one of the things that i love doing.

ahh… inner peace is truly priceless. 🙂 


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  1. i guess in some ways, running and jousting have similarities. 🙂 and being an “obsessed” lady knight, i feel that this chosen name would at least bring even little self-gratification. hehehe. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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