i bring peace!

march 25, 2010 was the exact date when we transferred to las pinas city. this was the same month and year when the renovations of southmall,  the largest shopping mall in the southern region of metro manila, began. 

this upgrading led to relocations  and additions of new high-end diners and shops which had me seeing and feeling a different level of “luxury and class” every time i would now go to this mall. you see, sm supermarkets are associated with the common tao. these henry sy sr.-owned businesses will always have that strong pull to the masses. i guess even if this no. 1 chinese-filipino billionaire in our country so chooses to build his mall in the boondocks, the juan de la cruzes will still swarm to his establishment. 
late yesterday afternoon, i was one of those clients who went to southmall to accompany my twins in buying their project materials. i dropped them off near the entrance going to the national bookstore before looking for the most hassle-free parking space. chancing upon the spot which i wanted, i changed my original plan. instead of waiting for them in the parking lot, i decided to enter the mall with my youngest son and just meet up with them at toby’s sports store. entering gate 6, i passed by one of the fashion boutiques which caught my curiosity during their three-day sale first week of this month. being in the mall for a different agendum that time, i just did a quick tour of the shop and had me telling myself to do another visit after liking what i saw inside. 
so my rainy sunday afternoon was “predestined” for that “another visit” at promod, a french boutique. 
the cat in me, i took my time in ogling at the all-women’s apparel. afterwards, i searched through the on-sale items. a lucky creature once in awhile, i saw this blue tunic top with the nehru collar being sold now for php 700. from php 2,295, it was given a 69% cut-off. i knew it was mine to bring home the moment it fitted me well. 
my first ever promod creation
my first ever promod creation
the nehru collar which pulled me to this top
the nehru collar which pulled me to this top
proof of purchase :-)
proof of the discounted price 🙂
the clothing label, screaming that i was drawn to an indian-made tunic blouse
the clothing label, screaming that i was drawn to an indian-made tunic blouse but distributed by a french shop
paying the cashier on-duty, i saw the chance of asking if i could take photos. of course for wj, a new find deserves logging.
my ears were ready for the answer which i didn’t like to hear but lo and behold, she gave me the thumbs-up. so like speedy gonzales, i went to work.












now, my story does not end in these photos of the lovely clothes, footwear and fashion accessories. 
while i was clicking the camera of my mobile phone, the male sales clerk who was very accommodating and friendly to me early on when i was fitting the tunic top followed me with piercing and doubtful look. at one time, i thought he would be instructing the security guard in plain clothes to stop me. as i passed by him, i quickly mumbled about the permission which was granted to me. then, i went to the ethnic accessories section which greatly aroused my interest in this fashion store.




i was in the process of taking another close-up shot of an eye-catching cleopatra-inspired necklace when someone spoke behind me: “tama na po iyan.” (that’s enough.)
uh-uh. here we go again
i pivoted and faced the source of the request. it was another female sales clerk whom i didn’t see during my entrance. good thing, she was smiling at me. it made me cease whatever i was doing. i got the boutique bag and my change from the cashier who seemed to be a little apologetic for her co-worker’s action, and fed her with a bit of explanation why i was taking pictures of their products. a spiel now, i told her that i am a blogger and i would be writing about their shop which could be a free publicity because i fancied it. sounds familiar isn’t it?
it was a good timing that i was wearing my red under armour running top with my printed coat-of-arms because she inquired what my blog was. i chuckled and pinpointed my sharply designed logo. 🙂 🙂 then, i left a message that i would give her the heads up once i have written the article to validate my brief backgrounder which might have been labeled as a “claim” by her. 

going out, i was shaking my head and clucking my tongue. darn! a blogger’s life is not that easy after all. intended as a hobby and a form of catharsis, my blogging had put me in situations where i was mistrusted and mistreated for my motives. ouch! though not my first time, i must admit i felt a pang of hurt. 

well may be next time, i should be wearing a humongous (no, i am not exaggerating! ha-ha!) identification card with this printed declaration “i am a blogger, and i bring peace and no strings attached gratis promotion.” in this way, i will surely be welcomed with open arms and have my image be clearly seen once i have my picture taken with this shop (and future ones) which i will be patronizing (especially when they have marked down prices 🙂 ) and recommending for fashion junkies like me who are looking for feminine, trendy, and easy-to-wear unique mode française.
the wj, a mere silhouette! hahahaha!
the wj, a mere silhouette! hahahaha!


3 thoughts on “i bring peace!

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  1. Lesson learned. Next time maybe you can talk to the manager about it first The management won’t say NO to a FREE PROMOTION after giving your pure intention. They might have thought you are going to copy the designs of their products,haha, when in fact you’re just a mere patron blogging anything that catches your fancy.

    Anyway friend careful also in attaching your logo to those pics you are posting. You might be the one who took the shot but the products still belong to them and copyrighted.


  2. i guess i can say that or “charge it to experience” again. hahahahaha. i did talking once to the manager before but it was futile. this happened in one of the spas i went to. hehehehe. actually reception of this “request” varies. para ngang “weather-weather” din eh. 🙂

    i have to read and know the photography laws, friend, though in attaching my logo, i am simply claiming ownership to the picture which i took and not the products. baka magamit din picture ko ni mark joseph solis (http://www.rappler.com/move-ph/39571-up-student-apologizes-plagiarism) eh. hehehehehe.

    thanks for the thoughts and reminder. 🙂 🙂


    1. I guess Mark had learned his lesson. Though it wasn’t his first deliberate act on “cheating” people I bet he won’t do it the next time after his public apology, so your pics are safe for now haha.


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