if not for the bed…er…bad weather today, i could have trooped to my current favored korean resto and ordered the “usual”. 


the “usual” is the odeng or the fish cake soup which has been my rank 1 comfort food for the past weeks. priced at php 220 at the b.b.q. korean restaurant along aguirre avenue, one would not leave this diner really satisfied with the big serving and of course, the taste.


giving this resto a shot was a good move on my part early part of august. never did i expect to discover that it actually serves the soup which i first tasted in kimbap cafe. unfortunately, this  korean diner where i had the very first taste of this unique and palatable asian cuisine closed. this led me to a “search” for this soup which brought me to bi won ( and sam won ( unluckily, no odeng was in their menu. it was only last month when my feet led me to this simply named resto which is just located across sam won where i became a regular patron for quite sometime because of their galbitang or beef short ribs.
galbitang 2
but blame my “unfaithful” taste buds. i had to continue my quest not only for the fish cake soup but for new korean dishes. you see, even in eating, my adventurous spirit shows. hahaha…
you might think that the soup was the only victuals that i would order in this diner. for someone who would eat solo, their grilled pork belly with fried garlic would be one of the perfect choices.

Copy of kore1

now, before you react and lecture me about cholesterol or not supporting the anti-pork barrel campaign (hehehehe…), allow me to present to you what goes with this meat which will make you conclude that this is not unhealthy after all.


see those greeny things in the small basket container? they are lettuce and mint leaves. on the other platter is a combination of sprouted mongo and onions leaves. so, how is this entrée prepared?
read and watch.
step 1:
get a piece of lettuce and a mint leaf. use the lettuce as your base while placing the mint on top of it. next is to place your desired number of the sliced grilled pork. then, place the sprouted mongo and onion leaves. the reddish sauce completes the mixture.


step 2:
roll the lettuce leaf making sure that everything is intact and ready for the third step.


step 3:
dip it in this olive oil with salt and powdered black pepper.

Copy (2) of kore1


step 4:
munch it, roll your eyes, and say “sarrrrraaaaaapppppppp!”. (yummmmmyyyyyyy!) sorry, no accompanying photo. ha-ha!
i bet you will be like me, now an “addict” to this cuisine and even to their bottomless appetizers.


but another reason that made me feel at home and magnetized to this modestly decorated korean resto is the hospitality and friendliness not only of the service crew but the owners as well especially miss agnes, the filipina wife. she would welcome walk-in and regular customers with a warm smile. she would even engage you in a conversation that would make you feel that you’ve known each other for long.a kapampangan, she manifests being good in cooking and likewise having a good taste in food.
in my first visit to this place, she gamely answered all my inquiries including her knowledge of korean dishes. miss agnes is a businesswoman who knew what she got herself into because she studied how to cook these foreign recipes not only for profit alone but for self-fulfillment when she sees how pleased their clients are.

ooops…i am no drumbeater  nor a paid publicist of this korean resto, but i assure you, tasting their food might put an end to your “infidelity”. 🙂 🙂 



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