slice of life: revisited

this sunday, september 8, the town where i spent a very exciting and unforgettable childhood will have its fiesta celebration in honor of its patron saint, our lady of the gate

this has been one of my dearly missed colorful activities in daraga, albay for the past 16 years (see related story at if i had my way, i could have boarded the earliest bus for bicol in alabang, muntinlupa city and joined my relatives and friends in this merriment once again.
reality check though: i am still here in las pinas city and i just have to continue imagining the preparations the daraguenos are excitedly doing for tomorrow’s “bisperas“. 
well, my wishing to be physically present in the festivities had me also remembering someone who also hails from the very same town where i grew up in. you could just imagine the surge of pride which i felt when i learned that the cartoonist whose work i would look forward to in the weekend magazine in my younger years was actually a true-blooded uragon and a “kababayan“. frankly, his cartoon series slice of life was the only one which i would have an interest in this weekly magazine. why not if i would beat my siblings in looking for his cartoonized image cleverly concealed within the weekend cartoon, which mirrors the many unique aspects of the filipino’s everyday life making us laugh, be critical and reflect afterwards. having mastered how to blend art and humor, he was one of those great artists who had helped in keeping alive the filipino’s ability to laugh at himself even in the midst of adversaries. he had succeeded in presenting to the whole world our character as fun-loving people, thus making as resilient in times of trials. yes, the slice of life of lauro zarate alcala (popularly known as larry alcala) screams the tagline “only in the philippines!” 
image source:
image source:
image source:
image source:
tonight, as i revisit larry alcala’s slice of life, join me in patiently looking for his self-portrait images in the succeeding published series. if you are successful in spotting him, feel free to post your answer and save us from the impatience. hahahahahahaha…just kidding. with the many wonderful works he did, i would never tire myself “hunting” for his head in his cartoon. 
image source:
image source:
image source:
image source:

take the challenge and have fun but not poorer vision! 🙂 🙂 

SOF #1
SOF #2
SOF #3
SOF #4
SOF #5
SOF #6
SOF #7
SOF #8
SOF #9
SOF #10
SOF #11
SOF #12
SOF #13
SOF #14
SOF #15
SOF #16
SOF #17
SOF #17
SOF #18
SOF #18
SOF #19
SOF #19
SOF #20
SOF #20

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