the crossover

with the suspension of classes last august 19, monday, the scheduled buwan ng wika celebration of a bedan colleague’s class in the other school where she’s connected with had to be put off. 

simple but meaningful programme cover
simple but meaningful programme cover
dr. naicy m. cesista, a full time professor in the university of perpetual help system dalta and a part time professor in san beda college alabang, immediately informed me about the postponement. with it was her sincere expression that she still would like me to witness her BSN-1A program where i would be sitting as one of the judges for the series of contests. with this was her asking for my most convenient day, so i would make it to perps with another friend/colleague, ms. merly g. mercado. 
so i committed myself for today, august 30. the thought of crossing over to another university made me excited. it was a first for me though i am already familiar with the uphsd campus.
in 2011, i applied there as a high school teacher and passed the screening. unfortunately, the department didn’t have any hiring that year which brought me to another college and finally san beda. likewise, their gym became my twin sons’ “classroom” during their milo best basketball clinic last summer.  it is for these reasons that i reached the venue not as a misguided element. that’s why when miss merly arrived and our two usherettes in pilipino-inspired costumes fetched us, i felt i was an adopted perpetualite. 🙂 
we reached the simply but creatively decorated room where the program would take place. the warm welcome which we received from these aspiring nurses who were in full costume had me silently commending them. our arrival obviously signaled the start of the tension-filled moments for these freshmen college students whose midterm examination would also depend on the output of their presentation. 



after a few minutes, they assembled outside the room which gave dr. nice, our co-teacher and hostess, miss merly and me our very first picture together.
wj, miss merly and dr. nice
wj, miss merly and dr. nice
a natural hospitable person and living up to her nickname, doctor nice made us feel at home in her territory. 
seated now with the other two judges, (one of them is ms. lulu jung, also a part time english teacher in san beda) we were handed our folders by the mistress of ceremonies. our receiving it, plus an extra copy of the programme, was the cue that the event would already begin. 
maroon and white this time, not red and white
the next two hours unfolded to us a group of young and very talented individuals. 


from “rampa (kasuotang pilipino)” (fashion show of traditional philippine costumes), 



to “talumpatian” (oratorical)


then “isahang pag-awit” (solo singing)


“deklamasyon/monologo” (declamation/monologue), 


and finally, “sabayang pagbigkas” (speech choir).



these students had me bursting with so much pride of my filipino heritage.  
but this was not the only realization i underwent in my first stint as a judge in another institution.  watching this program which was just considered as a requirement in their FIL101 subject, i saw the role of a teacher as a vital catalyst to his or her students. also, the event showed to us what leadership is all about.
it may not be a major program, but there was no faux paus. everything was in order. the short lapses were forgivable. they did not give me any feeling of boredom until the last part. 
ginoong at binibining buwan ng wika and miss merly
ginoong at binibining buwan ng wika and miss merly
dr. nice, the catalyst and model leader
dr. nice, the catalyst and model leader, delivering the closing remarks
what was even more impressive was being able to prepare a fiesta-like “salu-salo” which had me burping contentedly and thanking that i again skipped my dinner the day before and breakfast that morning. 🙂 🙂 


of course, who would not remember mentioning the two korean students who rendered a filipino religious song before a korean piece? their efforts truly deserved an exemption.


before dr. nice bid us farewell, she was profuse with her gratitude to all of us specially the judges.
with ms. lulu jung, another perpetualite-bedan teacher
i was smiling and was returning her words of thanks. frankly, it should be i who should be more than grateful for the opportunity.
newly sealed friendship
newly sealed friendship

the experience to be in another institution and be exposed to their culture opened my eyes once more that perfection in any educational system is impossible to achieve but there would be no harm in trying as long as there are dedicated people. 

BSN-1A and doctor nice, even before i read the message in this lovely souvenir, i already had my life filled with simple but lasting joys when i encountered all of you.


maraming salamat at mabuhay kayo! 
mabuhay ang wikang filipino!
mabuhay ang lahing pilipino!


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