in memoriam

i have been vocal about my being a true blue supporter of the late president corazon “cory” c. aquino.

whatever qualities i saw in her had convinced me that among our country’s past commander-in-chiefs, she was incorruptible. guided by her piety, she was one leader who did her best to walk her talk and show what good governance is all about. 
it is for these reasons that her demise four years ago had me grieving as if i were family. 
my sister, niece, sons, and i joined the throng of people who waited for her cortege along quirino intersection. the long wait in the middle of the rain did not make us budge in our spot. i knew, it was our way of showing how much we loved her. 
after her interment, our family began a tradition of visiting cory’s grave annually to commemorate her death. our transfer of residence from manila to las pinas city made manila memorial park in paranaque city even more accessible to us.
so morning of august 3, my youngest son and i found time to drop by mmp after getting our car from the motor shop for change of brake pads. lancelot, having been exposed to this practice, was the one who constantly reminded me about this visit. minus my twin sons who were still asleep when we left our house, we went to the cemetery. i could see knight’s excitement and happiness. i knew why. we also scheduled a visit to my sister-in-law’s resting place afterwards. 
cory's grave, reflecting  her simplicity
cory’s grave, reflecting her simplicity
a knight's salute for president cory aquino
a knight’s salute for president cory aquino
not missing to flash the Laban sign
not missing to flash the Laban sign
the heroine and the hero in our hearts
the heroine and the hero in our hearts
after offering a prayer for cory and then for ninoy, i directed my attention to the assorted funeral bouquets that adorned the place. the various kinds of flowers held my gaze for a while as i lost myself in their beauty.

















the different blossoms, befitting a beloved leader, plus the floral arrangements were indeed a sight to behold. i partly forgot that we were in a burial ground. 




we tarried for a couple of minutes before proceeding to she’s tomb. knight served as my guide making us find the spot at once. i also said a silent prayer for her.


bare of any flower unlike cory’s tomb, its plainness reminded me how my sister-in-law also adored flowers. i heaved a sigh and told myself to bring some the next time we pay her a visit. 
leaving the memorial park, i thanked my son for the reminder and had to ask him again why cory is his favorite president. his reply, which had turned into an automatic one, had me smiling for it confirmed that he would grow old remembering someone who could already be a saint. 



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