A Toast to Self

August 2, Friday could have been another rare opportunity for me to be with my siblings, but my Nanay duty prevailed.

I had to be home for my sons instead of witnessing my niece’s oathtaking as a full-fledged architect at the Manila Hotel. 
a milestone for my niece Arianne
my niece, arianne mediavillo bernardino
my niece, Arianne Mediavillo Bernardino, finally with that ARCH
arianne with her mama, my sister obet
Arianne with her mama, my sister Obet
my sister, obet, beaming with pride
my sister, Obet, beaming with pride
arch arianne with her mama and younger sister, tintin
Arch. Arianne with her mama and younger sister, Tintin
obet, arianne and nano, my other sister
Obet, Arianne and Nano, my other sister
This is one of the setbacks of deciding not to have a househelp anymore. I could not just leave the house without having someone to look after my minor children. 
Anyway, my niece’s full documentation of this family affair had me feeling that I was with them in spirit. I am sure my eldest sister, Olen,  and two older brothers, Long and Nonoy (who would be prouder for having a niece following in his footsteps), felt the same way. I still had to wish though that proximity and circumstance were not part of our vocabulary. Well,  you had to understand me. Aside from missing this important event in our family, I also failed to visit Cory Aquino’s “A Gift of Self” exhibit at the Roma Salon, Manila Hotel. This featured the late President’s family and friends’ personal collections of her paintings and artworks. 

cory12 cory cover

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cory50 cory62

tin paintings

A self-confessed Cory Aquino supporter and admirer (and so with the rest of my family), I could not help but love her more for this legacy. To quote President Noynoy Aquino, “Whether in prayer, in service, or in art, the thought of other people was never far from her mind. So, even when she found a hobby she could truly indulge in, she chose to instead give of herself just a little more. She held joint exhibits with friends, and sold some of her paintings to raise funds for her advocacies. And she also gave away many of her works to friends and colleagues.”
This exhibit was indeed a perfect way for my niece to be grateful for the gift she had also been partly blessed with and hopefully be inspired of what Cory had done. As what her Tita Nano articulated in her message…


I also have the same hope for the second architect in our family.


Congratulations again, Ayan. We are proud of this new achievement in your life. With this, I am sure you will realize that you have a deeper mission to fulfill and that’s not just designing and building structures. 

And as what Noynoy expressed during the opening of the exhibit,  “It was only natural for this to come to life in the canvases she filled with images of optimism and hope, expressions of her appreciation for the simplest, and yet the most beautiful things in life.” may you also continue to be humble, simple and selfless just like his mother… just like your own mother who possesses the same qualities.


Photo Credit:

Christine M. Bernardino 

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