tsinelas day

remember these captured images?










of course, my contemporaries very well know this mentos broken shoe commercial in the 90’s.


to the lady in this ad, this episode could just be remedied by eating this mint candy, but to others, nothing could cover up this most embarrassing or worse, traumatic moment. 
now, where do i fit myself in when i had the same fate yesterday?
there was no candy and i did not feel even a slight tinge of embarrassment. 
why? it’s not only once, but twice that i had encountered this!
here’s the story.
at around 7:40 a.m., i went out of my first class to get my whiteboard pens in the faculty center. finding the pencil case which contains them, i returned to room 3I in my usual quick strides. i had just made around 10 steps when i felt my right foot suddenly go down and touch the cold corridor. upon seeing the three-inch heel detached from my shoe, i gave in to my reflexes and adrenaline by removing both of my shoes and running to the faculty room to do the most sensible thing –  wear my “tsinelas” (slippers) – but i was tempted to hold all my classes in barefoot yesterday. well, if san beda had no strict dress code among its employees, i could have really done it. i am serious here. 
and so, thursday was “tsinelas” day for me which actually complemented my ethnic  outfit. 



documenting this with my BAIST (bachelor of arts in international studies and tourism) majors, i had one of the best times of my life as a teacher. 
but wait! how was i in 1996 when i first broke  a heel?
i had wished for an incantation that would open up the earth and swallow me wholly. 
here’s the earlier story.
it was my first time to visit the cathedral in my beau’s hometown in indang, cavite. dressed in faded maong pants, white v-neck shirt, vest, and black high-heeled boots, i gladly accompanied him in dropping by this historical edifice. yes, i was looking like a cowboy. what was just lacking was a real horse. 🙂 🙂 
on with the story…
after saying a prayer, we went out  and started walking on the uncemented pavement to the bus terminal. then, i heard a string of “psst, psst, psst, psst…” i did not turn and find out who was doing that sound surreptitiously because it’s out of my character to acknowledge that kind of attention-calling. until this statement reached my ears, “miss, ang takong nyo!” (miss, your heel!). it was only then that i realized that it was i whom the candle seller was really calling! in those milliseconds that i already lost the heel, i didn’t know why i failed to feel the change in my balance. perhaps, i was too immersed in the beautiful and tickling feeling of that newly formalized romantic relationship to notice it. hehehehe. anyway, i had to go near the heel and picked it up at once. i forgot all about my companion until he held my arm. i faced him and in jest said, “dito ka lang ha? magme-mentos lang ako.” (just stay here. i will do mentos.) i did not wait for his reply when i reentered the imposing st. gregory cathedral. there, in one of the pews, i removed the heel of my left boots, the same way the model in the commercial did. problem solved, i went out and breathed fresh air.
anong ginawa mo?” (what did you do?), inquired my boyfriend. 
nag-mentos nga!” (i did mentos!) i was sure he got my answer for he directed his eyes on my boots which had drastically transformed from those cool-looking ones. my, my, my! here i was, standing in front of my new boyfriend in my midget-looking black boots minus the heels. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! i could still remember how flushed my face was. ask me about embarrassment that time, and i could have written a seminar paper out of this experience. 
fast forward. 
that man i was with actually became my husband. now, he had his confession about this chapter of my life. 
according to larry, he underwent a self-inflicted torture in containing his laughter when he saw me wearing those heelless shoes. good for him because if he did, it could have been the end of a two-month old boyfriend-girlfriend love affair. bwahahahahahahaha! 
finishing this article, i had to finally decide to say goodbye to my safari-designed shoes.
Copy of 20130801_090338
one of my favorites, i will not have them be fixed anymore at mr. quickie for they may put me in danger afterwards. despite the humor i found in my experience yesterday, i did not fail to thank the Lord because i did not incur any major foot injury. if i did, i am sure the domino effect would kill me inside. 


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