the beautiful accident

for the past years now, this has been the private monicker  of my youngest son. 

the first time he heard me referred to him as such, he became inquisitive.
not wanting to receive more questions from him, i simply explained that he was given to us by God at the time when we least expected him to be ours. i doubt if he did understand my explanation. 🙂 
well, that “giving” took place exactly nine years ago. 



thought to be a daughter until i had my ultrasound on my eight month of pregnancy, lancelot t.k. (the knight) is destined to become the center of attention and later on the apple of someone’s eye. 



knight 015
today, we wholeheartedly thank the Lord again for bringing the fifth member of the royalty in our “self-declared monarchy”. 


to be continued in “the making of  our knight” …



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