the adorable glue

september 17, 1994. 

the date anjie butler (nee annjanette lorilla) and i last saw each other making these photos roughly 19 years old. Smiley
annjie's sister, annjie, eric parlade, me and malu apolinar (taken at philamlife theater lobby)
anjie’s sister, anjie, eric parlade, wj and malu apolinar (taken at philamlife theater lobby)
a souvenir shot before eric went up the stage for a concert
a souvenir shot before eric went up the stage for a concert
posting these here made me recall anjie’s question when we had our get-together with her last june 17 at gerry’s grill, alabang town center. i knew it was asked in jest when she expressed that this picture was perhaps a good omen for eric and malu, ending up as husband and wife 12 years after. 🙂 partly, i conceded with her as we (razi velasco jr., janet caro, yep balde, don conda jr., ren acebuche, anjie and i) shifted to different topics that night. we all wanted to capsulize a lot of missed stories and update each other especially anjie in that three-hour mini-reunion. 
annjie, me and don
anjie, me and don before dinner officially began
additional three katribu (seated) - yep, janet and razi
taking a  break with three additional katribu (seated) – yep, janet and razi
the magic 7
turning to magic 7 with ren’s dramatic arrival 🙂
requested to organize (but not to finance… hahaha and yay!) this dinner/despedida on behalf of anjie, i was as grateful as the honoree for those who made it. there were still three – gary jadie, medvil mediavillo, and franie cresencio – who really wanted to be with us that monday night, but the sudden heavy downpour (which also affected me as relayed at prevented them from joining this short and simple meeting. the fact that this was a working day, going all the way from their workplace after office hours in that weather condition would put them at risk even if they, too, desired to bond with us. sensibilities must prevail. safety first before pleasure. hehehe… you see, if only we had the luxury of time (and budget!!)  we might schedule a weekly date with our manila-based buhs 86 batchmates. to be with people who make me feel high schoolish again is a pleasure i would always love to subject myself to. Smileyi wonder if the others share the same sentiment as mine. Smiley
unfortunately, we had to “strictly” follow the agreed upon time even if we wanted the moment to be extended. anjie and rob, her husband, had to catch an early flight to the UK the next day. 
image source:
image source:
the brevity of the situation though didn’t stop me from realizing that our batch had given prime importance to two words  –  brotherhood and friendship.
distance and long separation should not be used as reasons to put into oblivion whatever kind of relationship we had in the past or whatever kind of relationship we have in the present. obviously, this is what anjie and the other expats i had the luck and privilege to be with like rafael “paeng” morada, jr. (, edwin manjares (, peter paul “bong” pelino ( and maria gladys “dette” nuas ( showed me. also serving as one of the glues in our tribe via this homecoming, anjie allowed me to see with my own two eyes and feel with my cynical heart that the sweet, gracious, friendly and queenly girl i met in 1982 and became a classmate in 1985  has remained the same.  this evidence made the others and me love her more. Smiley
annjie and group
a pose which should be repeated in 2016
janet and i, having our final souvenir shot with anjie
janet and i, having our final souvenir shot with anjie

salamatunun tabi, anjie. maogmahon kami ta maski sa halipot na panahon, pinamati mo samuya na importante kami saimo. (thank you very much, anjie. we are very happy for making us feel important to you in that limited time.

we will be waiting for you in 2016. for sure, we will have all the time in the world to talk, laugh, talk, laugh and talk, laugh. Smiley

4 thoughts on “the adorable glue

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    1. of course, primoy. again, safety first before pleasure. 🙂 we all understood your situation. 🙂 🙂

      may next time talaga! ako na ang maga-intrimitidang mag-sked. mark my word. hahahahaha…!

      thanks for the post.


    1. we did miss you, ga. you are one of those who could have added to the “fun”. 🙂 yup, the bad weather was uncooperative. glad that you were able to reach home safe. your updates were appreciated. 🙂

      another get-together might be scheduled soon. i’ll send you a private message about this. hehehehe…

      thank you for the visit and this post, padi.


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