PAF: flying, firing, and fighting for freedom

in a week’s time, i was able to go to mall of asia (moa) twice.

first was last monday when i had that reunion with gladys (see post at and second was last wednesday for  the showing of “man of steel”. to me who is a non-MOA regular visitor because frankly speaking it’s not a place in the metropolis where i could find full relaxation, being there with a one-day interval was worth talking about. 🙂 
well, chancing upon the philippine air force (PAF) exhibit at MOA music hall to celebrate independence day added to my liking this biggest mall in asia and had me appreciate it in a different angle even just for eight hours. 
i got to flash that “L” sign!


being a self-confessed frustrated member of the armed forces, the sight of chopper, plane, rubber boat, weapons, tools, gears, in-action photos, and members of the PAF in flesh and blood ignited the curious mau in me. i knew i had to go near these equipment on-display and mingle with the others who would like to end their ignorance about these “toys”. 
looking like crayons to me…hahahahaha!
will this shock enemies on sight?
as lara croft, i could fire those at the same time while jumping! 🙂
new or newly repainted chopper?
perfect for new year’s celebration? 🙂
to have the spotlight on these brave men and women of PAF through this exhibit gave us ordinary civilians a view on their struggles and dedication to serve and protect our beloved country.


had i not noticed that it’s already past our lunch, i would really linger in that exhibit which (sad to say) did not interest my companions at all. party poopers! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
nevertheless, it’s one chance which i grabbed since i would always acknowledge the pivotal role PAF had played and has been playing in setting our glorious history  –  flying, firing, and fighting for freedom!
a captain who graciously granted my request for a photo
a captain who graciously granted my request for a photo
screaming what they could do against terrorism
screaming what they could do against terrorism


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