Tosh and I: Back in Each Other’s Arms

It’s confirmed. 

My taste buds are still allegiant to TOSH’s  pesto with grilled chicken.
pesto with grilled chicken
pesto with grilled chicken
documenting my excitement in eating my fave pesto
documenting my excitement in eating my fave pesto
Giving in to my growling stomach, I need not think twice which diner to enter at Mall of Asia this noon. My eyes directed me to the familiar Old Spaghetti House signage. Seeing TOSH was synonymous to my salivating for my favorite dish plus the usual bottomless iced tea. If I remember it right, it’s been more than a year when I last ate this pasta at their Festival Mall branch in Muntinlupa City. 
Ordering an extra garlic bread, I knew I would delight in my simple meal while waiting for my very good high school friends/batchmates who came all the way from Bicol to meet up with me today. 
The first morsel pleased me at once! If there were a closed-circuit television, you could request for a replay to check if it did capture my euphoric facial expression. Then, I allowed my mouth to savor the basil leaves. Ah! They tasted good.
I think my consuming one platter  took me longer than the usual. My eating was obviously in a slow-motion mode. Receiving an update from my kumare/friend Ging that they were already on their way, I thought of trying another dish – the onion rings. It would sure keep me busy and would give me enough hour to find out how their rings fare with BK’s, Don Henrico’s and Rack’s. 
tosh's onion rings
TOSH’s onion rings
Hmmm…not bad at all. I awarded it the third place after Rack’s and Burger King’s. 
Noticing that I was the lone customer at TOSH, I saw the chance of  admiring and taking pictures of its interior. I left my unfinished onion rings for a few minutes while I took the liberty of capturing the unique design in that branch. 





The various old memorabilia (that dated back as early as 1930’s) on the wall gave me an idea that the franchise owner of that TOSH diner could be a collector, a music-lover and a golf aficionado. Hehehehe… It succeeded in giving me the feeling of the pre-war and the post-war eras. 
Convinced that my tummy and my eyes had their fill, I decided to exit TOSH just perfect for my friend’s call that they were already in our designated meeting place.
Releasing a soft burp, The Old Spaghetti House had absolutely found a faithful customer in me.


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