my female psyche at run united 2

running is a tough mind game. you AIM to finish the race and you DO it.

i DID it!
having not enough training (and sleep the night before) for the run united 2, i subjected myself to difficulty and risk when i joined the almost 2,700 32-k runners at mall of asia grounds last sunday, june 2.  it was a run which tested not only my physical will but most specially my female psyche. 


backing up this power source was the recall of the amount i shelled out for the registration fee and my being “fungus-faced” in bothering a friend to register for me. 😉 thus, i did not even see myself chickening out. 
preparing myself early, i was brought by jerry mayo, our ever reliable on-call driver-for-hire on weekends at the venue. i had to seek his service that day because right after my run, i had to go back to our house in las pinas, pick my three boys and proceed to indang, cavite. everything was timed. so before going to the start area, i told jerry to expect me to return around 8 a.m. which means to say i was focused on finishing my second afroman’s distance in five hours. 
as if well-trained...hahahahaha!
as if well-trained…hahahahaha!
joining the 32-k runners on stand-by, i noticed that i was already meters away from the rubber arc. there were a lot of us aspirants wanting to be at par with coach rio de la cruz in achieving his ever longest distance run. so when the 10-second countdown began, i waited to step on the official start area before pressing my watch at 3 minutes and 16 seconds. 
my first 10 kilometers was my best moment. there was no sign of breathiness and muscle discomfort. the galloway method was making me confident. beginning with an 8:2 running ratio, i was running strong. in fact, i was able to carry a conversation with glenn abrigana, a former student in grade four in saint jude catholic school.
image source:
glenn a.k.a. p-nut (image source:
RU2 provided the “reunion” for the two of us after ages! sharing the same passion now, i became even prouder with glenn because he was maintaining a 10:2 pace with his two running buddies being all first-timers in the 32k. young and consistent with their training (glenn and i shared updates via fb private messaging after reconnecting in this social networking site), i admired these budding runners. they sure had a big future in the running world. so when i stopped for my walk break, these young adventurers moved on. and when i resumed my run, they were nowhere in sight. 
it was in this run where i had to heavily rely on the hydration along the way. i had to regularly stop in each station, drink, wet my head and refill my own plastic containers. looking at the other runners, i was not alone in that action design especially when the sun started burning hotter. each of us devised creative strategies to abate the effect of the scorching heat of the giant ball of fire. 


on my part, it was the last 9 kilometers where i had to struggle and where i met cheryl golangco, another former student in the grade school, where i also handled glenn.
cheryl a.k.a little running teacher (image source:
cheryl a.k.a. little running teacher (image source:
it was also at this point where i had my first attack of cramps near my achilles heel. i was surprised because i would usually have it in my left calf. i had no choice but to stop and apply some pressure on it for a couple of minutes. when i tried walking, the spasm hit me again. i clenched my teeth as i felt the pain. applying more pressure this time on my left foot, i felt the little improvement. i jogged in place and when i felt i could already move, i wasted no time in shortening the distance which i still had to cover in one hour and 45 minutes.
relaxing my muscles but appearing to be posing...haha! (image source:
relaxing my arms and hands but appearing to be…hahahaha! (image source:
power walking to counteract the cramps (image source:
power walking to counteract the cramps (image source:
run a little, walk more. this was now my pacing. no numerical figure was attached to it. obviously, i failed to maintain the 8:2 running-walking combination. my interval stayed long in 3:2 until i noticed that i was no longer doing the galloway method in the last 5 kilometers. wanting to cross the finish line, i employed (as expected) the wandering jouster’s program. hahaha! so, do you think i was able to pick up speed toward the end of the race? NO, but i knew i would still be running with that core while fighting the third attack of cramps. 
few minutes before crossing the finish line (image source:
few minutes before crossing the finish line (image source:
ranking 2,248th out of 2,683 32-k runners, my chip time was 05:08:52. i silently congratulated myself having to clinch this run despite running solo again. 
here under is the detailed runpix analysis.
image source:
image source:
image source:
image source:
image source:
image source:
going back to my tweet last may 29, i could now say that i had them all when i stepped on that race track. 

i wonder what i will be holding on this coming sunday as i run my second 32k. courage? spunk? pride? oh my. got to call for the fates!

spreading my wings after another victory run
spreading my wings after another victory run
looking drier now after the wet look...:-)
looking drier now after the wet look while running…:-)
displaying the finisher shirt
displaying the finisher shirt


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    1. thanks a lot for the visit and message, crispin. 🙂

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