not for you, sponge bob!

my style of cooking is very much trial and error.

i am not recipe-bound though i had learned two favorite dishes via recipes which were shared to me by friends. these were canape (c/o ging mendones) and carbonara (c/o beng bautista). but most of the time, i would experiment on what i cook. since  i love food (and of course eating), i made it my duty to also learn how to prepare whatever my mouth would find palatable even if it’s by accident. 
this was what happened a week ago. i was in the mood for impressing my sons with something new on the table for our evening meal. originally planned as pork patties, what i came up afterwards was just the ordinary fried ground pork. i was wondering what could be the reason behind it. if sponge bob square pants were my guest, he would surely be disappointed. uh-uh.
image source:
where are the patties??????? image source:
well, my sons share sponge bob’s love for patties but they did not react negatively because they actually liked the taste of the accidental dish! it sure did lessen my frustration, but i still wanted to see those small flying saucers on their plates. 
this evening, i again had this food in mind. it’s redemption time! 🙂 i wanted to redeem myself not only to my sons but specifically to myself. i need to form those patties!
chant time.
patties! patties! patties!
my oval-shaped patties :-)
my oval-shaped patties 🙂
and patties i made despite the oval shape. yehey!  i finally discovered what i lacked last time. it was the amount of flour which i put. it should be more. 
now, with 12 pieces of pork patties, i knew my boys considered their dinner something special. so did i. 
want some?
want some?

my patties may not be delicious-looking, but for arthur, alexander and lancelot, they were the best-tasting even just for tonight. truly, music to my ears. 

got to ready myself for a regular request on this. oh well, i will now start thinking about some variations for my pork patties.
sour pork patties
chilly pork patties
bitter pork patties
beery pork patties
sweet pork patties
grilled pork patties
smoked pork patties
peppery pork patties
sweet and sour pork patties
oh, my! i’m afraid this might become endless… 🙂 🙂 🙂 



2 thoughts on “not for you, sponge bob!

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  1. Haha I love that expression on sponge bob’s face! I am not a pork patties lover
    ( whatever sauce is poured), but if the food presentation is inviting I may take a bite:) However, I still go for your native laing and bicol express which I think not everyone can resist.


    1. thanks, friend. sponge bob will always be a part of the twins, that’s why i had to include him here. 🙂

      well, i also love eating patties, but frankly, i don’t like the making. hehehehe.

      laing and bicol express will always remind people of mau. 🙂 🙂


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