second shot

the month of flowers seemed to be a truly beautiful and fragrant season for me as i continued communing with my very good high school batchmates/friends.

my going home to bicol last may 3 started it.
after two weeks, i had the chance to bond with them again at chili’s, alabang yesterday. 
thanks to peter paul “bong” pelino’s  invite for a dinner, i reunited with elvie, med, yep, razi and of course the “host”. except for elvie, i was also with these four gentlemen on september 14, 2012  (see full story at we were together for the same reason –  to take some time off to strengthen whatever invisible nexus we have and to have an early “despedida” for bong who’ll leave for his work in abu dhabi. given the opportunity (and budget…hehehehe), i am not that sure if bong would like this to be on regular basis every time he’s on vacation. 
waiting for three more
waiting for three more
enjoying the moment
enjoying the moment
documentation when the number increased
documentation when the number increased
the man of the hour - yep balde
the man of the hour – yep balde
at any rate, buhs 86 time, short it may be, was a taste of paradise (not with an ‘F’ :-))  for me!
exaggerated? you should be with us to experience it.

i tell you, we talk about stuffs stuff which sometimes go beyond one’s comprehension, but would allow you to let out the loudest laugh of your life. 

the food on the table would not even matter. simply being near your katribu and listening to their voices would suffice. 
this is my reason why i will be punishing myself if i turn down this occasional indulgence. 
and mind you, another one is coming up on may 26. 
you bet, i wouldn’t be missing this. absence in tribu 86 gathering  leaves you no choice but to be the possible favorite topic of the attendees. hahahahahahaha!


6 thoughts on “second shot

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  1. In my opinion the correction is done in bad taste, though I also presume that that is his/her way of writing her comments–no sugarcoating nor beating around the bush, just go hit the target since she/he knows better.
    As one who is a regular visitor of this blog I would appreciate it if “anonymous” has indicated her own blog on grammar (in case she/he has one) so I can also drop by and learn from her/him.


    1. hello, my bff.

      i have already presumed that the one who made the correction is either a native speaker or someone who is definitely more knowledgeable or an expert when it comes to correct usage. and since my blog is open to the scrutiny and critique of the public, i would always be appreciative of what my readers write here especially if it’s for my own learning (though i could always opt not to approve it ;-)).

      yup, no sugarcoating…no overture even. hahahahaha.

      yup again! i think i would be a patron of anonymous’s blog on grammar in case she/he has one.

      thank you very much for this comment, friend. knowing you whose frankness has been admired by me because we are the same in this aspect, you wouldn’t just be quiet. hehehehe.

      honestly, i thought for several times before writing my reaction on the correction so as not to sound slighted. i wished though that “anonymous” were not one of my former students. hahahahaha. that would be a clear proof of a student being better than the teacher. 🙂


  2. Haha, I might be the next one to be corrected since I forgot to include the “his” twice along with “her” (that is in my haste).
    I still believe in the precept of humility which you actually did.
    If it happens that “anonymous” is your former student–it’s a shame (hey! that was stated in jest.) 🙂


  3. at least we have an incognito and a pro bono editor. 🙂 and we will be grateful for this new knowledge. i just hope, “anonymous” will also learn something from us, say on right etiquette in giving corrections publicly? hehehe.

    again, many thanks, bff. 🙂


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