life companion 2

i, with all the inay, nanay, madermama, mamang, and mommy in the whole world, am honored today.

this makes me a superstar!
my friends and family,  especially my husband, made sure that i would feel so.
no sms greeting was sent to me by larry.
no long overseas call was made by larry. 
no bouquet from L. Carlos was delivered for me in behalf of larry. 
what i received was the unexpected. 
something which painted my day with all the brilliant colors. 




my original life companion’s way of expressing how much he loves me, i was a little tongue tied when this was handed to me by his co-worker whom we met in tagaytay city early this morning for a different reason not expecting that i would be receiving this gift.
but knowing my soulmate, he would do things in his own little way to make me realize that being a  mother, i deserve to be remembered and i deserve the best.
texting to thank my husband, this was his reply: “i love you!” 
then, the most-awaited overseas call: “happy mother’s day, nanay!” 
it was dazzling. 
once more, thank you very much, tatay

with or without this new “toy” i am very happy that i am given the privilege of being your wife and most of  all being the MOTHER of our children. 



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  1. Got a new gadget from the hubby. Make “lambing” for an IPhone5 next time. Did you change your sim? I was wondering why there wasn’t any confirmation from the recipient if ever she received my message on May 12.


    1. hi, friend. that was truly a surprise from larry. alam mo naman si ako. as much as possible i don’t want to ask. antay lang kung ano ang ibigay. mas safe yun. 🙂 to add, i am not that techie to wish for these gadgets. 🙂

      my sim has undergone a “reconstruction” since yesterday morning (around 9 a.m.). i posted in my facebook wall a late notification informing my friends and relatives to bear with me if i wouldn’t be able to acknowledge their messages due to this status. unfortunately, you don’t have an fb so you were not prompted. 😦 it’s only late this afternoon that my old sim was again working.

      i am sure that the message which i failed to receive still carried your trademark of thoughtfulness. my sincerest thanks for always remembering me, friend. 🙂


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