day 2: vidi

I SAW familiar faces inside the albay astrodome when i joined my batchmates for the morning mass of may 4, saturday. 

first in the list were my former teachers who played a big role in my choosing the same profession which they have dedicated themselves to throughout the years. seeing them aged gracefully evoked varied emotions from me. silently, i saluted them for what they have done when we were still under their tutelage. we will stay grateful to these unsung heroes and heroines in our lives. 
batch picture-taking with our former mentors
batch 86 picture-taking with our former mentors (image source:
rewinding a little before the picture taking, there were already eight from our batch during the eucharistic celebration. i smiled. it was a good sign. 
the early birds
the early birds (standing L to R: teodoro labalan, cherry encarnation-santiago, malou alzaga-pasobillo and elvie alejo; seated L to R: jane gee mape-manalo, WJ, joel carrascal and alberto solano)
now, do not wonder why we were  wearing smorgasbord shirts despite having two “angels”, edwin manjares and another one who requested anonymity, as our sponsors. simple. because of time constraint, we failed to have the prescribed shirt color and design though friday night, den and elvie tried their best to contact printing shops. so to troubleshoot this, it was decided on to just wear our silver jubilee shirt where it proudly screams our year. funny was, the chosen color of the silver jubilarians this year was also blue though there was a slight difference in the shade. so you could just imagine the surprise and curiosity of those from batch 88 when they saw that the golden jubilarians and they were not the only ones who were exempted from the color coding. 🙂 
batch 88, one this year's honorees (image source:
batch 88, one of this year’s honorees (image source:
anyway, nobody barred us from entering the premises neither called our attention. definitely, our presence was more important than what we should be wearing. 
united in colors
united in colors and increased number with lara quintana-mirasol and amy gongona-meels with her doll
after the mass, another batchmate came making us the lucky 9. you see? we were increasing.
as expected in gathering like this, taking photos for posterity sake shouldn’t be missed. we had the honor of having a souvenir shot with congressman kito co, AKB partylist representative. the tribe feeling “foliticians” with an F! hahahaha. 
posing with AKB party list representative
the tribe, posing with congressman kito co of batch 83
a few minutes later, we had our merienda which was bought by our “mother geese” for the day –  den and elvie. they made sure that we goslings would not go hungry. our foods, simple as they may be, were overflowing. again, many thanks to the generous hearts. 
den, the mother goose 1
den, the mother goose 1
elvie, the mother goose 2
elvie, the mother goose 2
jollibee time with the tribe!
jollibee time with the tribe!
me? i was only able to eat my burger. just simply being with my batchmates/friends was enough reason to be full.
and so the ceremonies progressed. as the trademark of our batch, we made sure that we had our participation. we did not simply sit there and watch the proceedings especially during the election of the new set of alumni officers. our very own malou alzaga-pasobillo was elected as the secretary.  hopefully, having her as one of the officers might also bring several changes in our tribe most especially in our attendance. 
malou alzaga-pasobillo, proudly wearing the buhs 86, during the induction ceremony
malou alzaga-pasobillo, proudly wearing the buhs 86, during the induction ceremony (image source:
day 2 was really VIDI. aside from my former teachers, i also saw three of my cousins whom i had to approach and talk with even for a brief moment. i saw schoolmates in the higher and lower batches whose “transformation”  was not avoided to be discussed among us. 🙂 
seconds, minutes, and hours ticked. then, it was lunch time. finishing our meal would mean looking for a place where we could have our second practice. unfortunately, this did not happen. 
after returning from gaisano mall to get my boots for a change of heel rubber at mr. quickie, i was informed by my batchmates that the contest was about to begin and we were number four contender. that piece of information tripled my heartbeat. without tarrying for another second, i left in haste to get my costume in my brother’s house. i texted elvie and den who were both out of  the astrodome. their positive reply lessened the anxiety of not making it to the performance. 
when i returned, elvie, malou and i went straight to the washroom to change. we were all rushing. the moment we joined the rest of the batch at the bleacher, i knew that there would be no turning back for us after group number three started performing on stage. 
how i wish there were a hidden camera at the backstage. it could have recorded everything that transpired before we appeared on stage. there was a pandemonium –  den, giving out the costumes to the propsmen; i, instructing cherry and thelma what to do; joel, telling us that we lacked one more member to make it 10; i, looking for the head of the horse; and den, saying that she already requested joel’s companion to join us in the number. whew! i could feel the adrenalin pumping inside me as we waited for our spot. we felt we would just rely on our instincts and invisible connection once we perform. 
then, it’s showtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! 
performance level 1
performance level 1 (image source:
performance level 2
performance level 2 (image source:
in 4 minutes and 17 seconds, we did our second rehearsal on stage and finally completed our production number all for the love of batch 1986.
we received a consolation prize of php 2,500 but we would never say that we were losers. the mere fact that we bravely proceeded with our number despite the glitches, we knew we were winners in our own right.  the enjoyment and happiness  which we all felt when we  clinched that dance were already priceless.  
the afternoon affair did not end in our performance. we sang along with our competitors and gamely joined the parlor game which made us win together with batch 1987. 
sometimes i wanna run to you...
sometimes i wanna run to you…
... like lovers do...
… like lovers do…
...when i'm gone...
…when i’m gone…
oh my! i love these people. we were one in reliving our high school days up to the shindig in the evening.
spot wj!
spot wandering jouster!
having a grand time
young and old having a grand time
just like the good ole days
just like the good ole days
buhs 86 version of fun
buhs 86 version of fun

as we parted ways a few minutes before 12 a.m. again, my heart was bursting with unexplainable joy. no, it was not sadness. deep inside me, i knew that in our own little way, we have achieved something to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. 

really, i am fervently hoping that this will commence a new level of  camaraderie among us batch 86 as we near our 30th year.
wj's coat of arms


other photos courtesy of den mape-manalo

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