not delilah’s samson

last saturday,  my three sons had their haircut.

ooops…let me rephrase that: my three sons had their most hated barber shop appointment.

nowadays, getting their regular haircut is a root of  our little “argument” and scolding in the house. why not if i become UNLIMITED to my boys in reminding them that their mane is already freaking me out?
no offense meant, but i have never liked men sporting long hair. i don’t have to itemize my reasons here, but not looking tidy tops it. you might contradict me here, but i am not starting a debate in this article. i know, tidiness is also relative.
anyway, i still  go for the crew cut and the military cut which for me make the person very neat-looking, cool, masculine, and  young. thus, the moment i see my children’s hair needing a trim, i would remind them to go to the barber shop near our village right away.
now, expect me to have a sokor-nokor war with my teenage  twins. they would stubbornly insist that theirs is still not that thick or long even though i have already seen the indication (hair touching the ears and bangs about to reach their eyebrows). alarmingly, my youngest son is turning into a little copycat. (sigh!)
how i wished that they hadn’t grown up! hahaha…
apparently, i didn’t have this kind of  encounter with them when they were still young. whatever haircut (even having a shaved head once) i chose for them, they would just take it. the fact that i was their constant companion from the time they had their first haircut, i had this immunity.
it was only two years ago when i already stopped going with my sons to the barber shop. i believed that at 12, they should already be responsible enough to do this simple task by themselves. partly, this wedging had led to independence when it came to choosing their schedule of going to the barber and most especially, the kind of haircut that they should have. and for several instances, my twins would come back just having little hair trimmed from them. as expected, i would comment on it and reiterate that it should be thinner. to cut my opposition, they would give me reasons that would make them get away with it, and then assure me that they’d just have it next time. i told them that it should really be or else i would let them go back to the barber.
well, this was not a threat. i did this last saturday. not for the twins though but  surprise, surprise, for my youngest son whose haircut didn’t please me at all! so, i had to let him go back to their barber. and who accompanied him? the younger twin, alexander. he was actually the one whom i reminded that i wanted lancelot to have a burr cut which is the type of haircut that new military recruits receive upon entering the service. in the barber’s lingo it’s referred to as “uno”  because of its 1 mm hair length all over the head. at his young age, this is a good option for him who doesn’t have to think about maintenance. to add, it is summer and it will minimize his perspiring so much. 
their second trip to the barber had to be a success or else…
and success it was!

mug shot 1 :-)
mug shot 1 🙂
mug shot 2 :-)
mug shot 2 🙂
mug shot 3 :-)
mug shot 3 🙂

i was very happy (even if  the hair length was a “dos” or 2mm) and told the twins that lancelot’s burr is the perfect haircut for them, too.  their unanimous reaction made me guffaw. the “NO WAY” remark was given at the same time as if they rehearsed it. 
then, i had my trip  down memory lane with them.
i told them that when they had their  haircut at the kid’s salon in sm southmall  right after celebrating their first birthday in 1999, they were two scandalous bawling tykes. from the time they were placed to sit on the big toy car (which served as the chair) one after the other they were already crying and wailing. first was arthur, the older twin. i had to untangle his small hands from my neck that were already choking me. as the mother, i had to pacify him to finally have that haircut. it took long and my calvary was repeated with alexander. 
now, you could just imagine this scene every time we would go to the barber when they were young. since they didn’t like to sit on the barber’s chair, i had to carry each of them while their hair is being cut. this went on for three years until they overcame the little phobia which was later on traced to the height of the chair and the feel of the razor on their scalp and neck (all along i thought, they also lose their strength just like samson). their barber in matienza street, near malacanang compound for a decade had to recall this anecdote about them every time my twins would go to his shop.
it’s a different story though for my youngest who showed courage and enjoyment during his first haircut four days after his first birthday.

step 1
step 1
step 2
step 2
step 3
step 3
step 4
step 4
step 5
step 5
step 6
step 6
step 7
step 7
with his cousin yula and nanny lyn, july 7, 2005
with his cousin yula and nanny lyn, july 7, 2005

it was a great relief for me when i didn’t experience the same thing with my twins even though i already readied myself for it as he underwent his haircut for the first time. 
did you notice that my three sons had their haircut after their first birthday? 
here in the philippines, we have this superstitious belief that a child can only have his or her haircut after celebrating their first birthday. then, the cut hair should be kept in a book so that the child will grow up to be intelligent. despite having a modern way of thinking already, this belief (well, i have kept some and have discarded some superstitions especially those which were obviously making me unproductive) was handed to me by my parents and i stuck to it. 😉 
as to the question of whether my sons have been growing up to be intelligent, i think it’s more of being smart aleck especially when it comes to their delaying tactics of not having their haircut. hehehe… this i have to experience again after a month.
you will see. i mean, i will see. 

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2 thoughts on “not delilah’s samson

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  1. In the summer heat crew cut is perfect ( surely it will look well for the twins) while that buzz haircut suits Lance being an active tot…do I recall that same haircut from a certain PMA guy when you were still a mediavillo? Upon observation I knew you have the eye for clean-shaven guys and uh… baldy oh I mean military looking 🙂


    1. over their dead bodies, ninang ruby. 🙂

      now, your recall brought a smile to my lips. clean-shaven, baldy and military looking…yup! my type of guy. hahahahahahaha…

      kaw, friend, ha? lagot ako kay lazareno. allergic sa PMAyer yun. hahahahahahahaha…


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