SOS, cesar millan!

last night was the nth time that my twins and i had this ordeal:

breaking and separating our two warring dogs, leone
image source:
and sultan who have been mortal enemies. i don’t know why they hate each other’s guts so much. 
inage source:
okay, on with the story. the former’s lace gave way making him unchained. coincidentally, sultan was tied at the backyard by the younger twin for his evening call of nature. in this kind of situation, my older sons are oriented to secure our third dog, biggs, by letting him enter our house. he is not chained being the most industrious, alert and smart among our dogs. he is preferred by leone than sultan but would also receive the king’s ire once he became on the loose. 
biggs final
inage source:
now, to be inside our abode is  the best treat for biggs who would always look for the right timing of sneaking on us.
inage source:
well, he had his best time last night as we thought of the solution on the cut collar of leone. and boy, he was a menace inside as he peed in every spot that would catch his urge! all of us were becoming peed pissed off! well, i was the one who was most irritated since i had to wipe his urine and even had to cajole him to enter our bathroom so i could bathe him in the middle of the night so he would smell like US. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! unfortunately, it was all in vain. he continued marking his territory even in our kitchen and dining area. 
then, i remembered a more serious problem. that of chaining leone again so he would stop banging at the wooden door at our backyard in his desire to go out and attack sultan again whom we succeeded in wedging from him. being big, i knew he would be able to do it. the problem though is what to temporarily use as his collar. 
i gave up searching and had to finally make an overseas call to my husband.
ever cool and possessing a presence of mind, the cesar millan of  our house was able to tell me what to get and do. he remembered an unused belt in my sons’ room and he instructed me to change the places of leone and sultan. the latter is housed in our garage while leone is at the backyard with biggs. seemed so easy for him to tell me, but it took me long before i was able to place the improvised collar on leone who did a “catch-me-if-you-can” game with me at 11:45 p.m.! 11:45 p.m. ?????????? darn it!
to cut this story short, i succeeded and did what i was told. leone is now the new occupant of the garage area, while sultan and biggs have to start familiarizing themselves with each other’s faces and scent. as expected, you could hear growling between the two canines who were placed in one area.
now, with the new territorial assignment, we were finally able to go to bed at 1 a.m. after wishing for the real dog whisperer, cesar millan, to just be a call away in las pinas city.
the dog whisperer with his canine pals
the dog whisperer with his canine pals (image source:
cesar millan in-action
cesar millan in-action (image source:
well, my husband had learned some “whispering” techniques from millan and he really has a way with our three male dogs having to watch shows and read text about dog behavior specifically the males. in fact, he was the one who told me that zero mating among male dogs is responsible for their quarrelsome state or should i say amok-like mettle.

so, is having a female dog the best solution? absolutely not!

that’s why even if we are all dog lovers, i had to turn down my niece’s offer of giving their puppy to us. well, if the puppy would remain a puppy forever, i could have said yes. 🙂 

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