in the name of love and friendship

with a week to go before i go home to my province for the bicol university (BU) grand alumni homecoming, i had an early taste again of one of my favorite bicol delicacies which  i haven’t eaten for almost two years now.

this is the pinangat.
freshly heated pinangat
freshly heated pinangat
i missed this!
i missed this!
ging (nee ruby lobrigo mendones), one of my best friends and kumare (being my youngest son’s godmother), was sweet and thoughtful enough to have it delivered to me through her beau, who was visiting a sister here in las pinas city.
ging and i have proven what true friendship is all about.
ging and i have proven what true friendship is all about.
i was touched and filled with joy! in fact its arrival was perfectly timed for our lunch today. pinangat went well with the adobo which i prepared. 
pinangat is  a very popular bicol  dish. in non-bicol places, this is known as laing especially here in manila. this local viand is a blend of  taro leaves, chili, pork (or crabmeat, fish meat, or shrimp meat ) and coconut milk wrapped in gabi leaves and tied securely with coconut leaf. one can opt to have it spicy or not. 
with this on our table, i had to do away with my spoon and fork. with gusto, i ate my lunch the kamayan (using bare hand) way.  
burp! i forgot all about dieting again! hahahahaha…

thank you very much, madi. your enduring  love for me is something which you don’t forget to make me feel despite the distance that has separated us. 

the native organizer is also a beauty. indeed, nothing can beat our very own products. 
when it's bicol-made, it's the best!
unique native organizer
unique native organizer
when it’s bicol-made, it’s the best!
i love you, madi. i can’t wait to kiss, hug and laugh with you again even for a brief moment. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “in the name of love and friendship

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    1. hi, russel ray! it’s always an honor to be visited by a kindred blogger who shares the same passion as mine.

      appreciate much your camping out here. 🙂

      have a wonderful time wherever you will be seeking your new adventure.


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