my twins’ long road

one level down, more to go for my twins.

after eight sessions, arthur and alexander had their graduation today from BEST (basketball efficiency and scientific training) center basketball clinic (formerly milo basketball clinic) at the university of perpetual help, las pinas city. 
milo best graduation day 25.4.13 001
arthur receiving his certificate
arthur receiving his certificate
alexander receiving his
alexander receiving his
my youngest son and i stayed the whole three-hour meeting unlike last week when we had to spend majority of our time in the cooler net cafe near the venue.


today’s last session had them having a longer mini-tournament. it gave me a chance to watch and observe whether there were now improvements in their game.
i did see some new acquired skills and techniques as they played against each other. it elicited a smile from me being their mother, critic and self-appointed coach once in a while. hehehe…
milo best graduation day 25.4.13 008

milo best graduation day 25.4.13 006

milo best graduation day 25.4.13 004

milo best graduation day 25.4.13 010

milo best graduation day 25.4.13 013

but frankly, they still have a long way to go to be like chris tiu and kiefer ravena who were both products of this  milo-sponsored best center.

logo best center

this i told my husband when we got home making him contemplate on enrolling them again in level 2 come april 30 which will make my driving and chaperoning duties be extended.  🙂 
i guess their father really would like them to realize their dream, thus giving them the support that they need in this sport instead of forcing them to learn his passion which is darts.
i liked what my husband texted back. he said that having the inborn talent is a big factor in becoming a very good basketball player, but the eagerness to learn counts a lot. CHECK!  for the eagerness, both of our twins have been manifesting this.  that’s why if their father finally decides to enrol them again, i have to concede. i know, their mingling with other basketball enthusiasts and dreamers will also improve their self-confidence and social skills.
with their coach jun
with their coach jun
with all the basketball enrollees
with all the basketball coaches and enrollees
today was fun. to add, it was not that humid inside the gym that’s why when the parents and siblings were requested to participate in the free throw portion, lancelot and i gamely joined. all for a milo umbrella! hahaha…
the knight in his well-executed free throw
the knight in his well-executed free throw
earning a shot during the trial, but failed in the final round! :-)
taking a shot…a good break from running 🙂
as we all left the gymnasium, i could see that everyone was satisfied with the result of this summer activity.

the pride and happiness that i felt were reflected in the faces of the other parents and relatives who were also there from day 1.

call it early fanaticism!

we were acknowledged for our presence and presence...:-)
we were acknowledged for our presence and patience 🙂
the parents a.k.a FANS
the parents a.k.a FANS
please click link for more photos. 🙂

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