what’s in a pancake?

my sons and i love pancakes!

yet, i am a poor maker of these.
despite the availability of the different brands of ready mix pancakes, i would seldom buy one since i often fail to form the perfect circle just like our fave jollibee
image source: www.google.com.ph
image source: http://www.google.com.ph
and pancake house flapjacks.
image source: www.heart-2-heart-online.com
image source: http://www.heart-2-heart-online.com
this afternoon, i again challenged myself to cook a pack for our merienda. the aroma coming from the kitchen actually made my youngest son cheer. you see, he had already been badgering me when i would be cooking the two-week old box.
now, seeing my final “creations” made me smile. unlike in my previous attempts, i would scold myself and be irritated for coming up with alien-looking thin cakes making them unpalatable just by sight. Smiley
almost perfect!
almost perfect!
it only took us a few minutes to enjoy these eight hotcakes (which were evenly divided by the way…hehe) with the butter and maple syrup. obviously they still wanted more, thus the older of the twin asked me why i did not cook everything. i simply responded that i was reserving it for tomorrow, but in reality i was a little worried that i wouldn’t be successful if i cooked the two packs. Smiley

well, success in cooking involves trial and error. let me see if i will repeat this feat (oh yes, i consider this as one! ha-ha!), tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “what’s in a pancake?

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  1. Pancakes will always make an appetizing snacks for everyone especially for kids. Perfectly made or not just your fave butter and syrup it will be good to the bite.

    Congratulations for that almost perfect hotcakes! 🙂 Your boys surely had their
    “afternoon delight”


  2. your welcome nanny. make sure you stuff my boys with more appetizing snacks since they are growing so fast and very athletic.


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