The Best of the Sunday Bests

Originally scheduled to be written yesterday,  my posting of my TOP 1 Sunday best was delayed due to the very sloooow broadband service in our house.

Tonight, it has not been fixed but I had to lengthen my patience so that I get to finally share with you this story.
After my run yesterday, I had a private and quick but memorable reunion with two of my very good friends in Saint Jude Catholic School, where I taught for 18 years. Tintin, Betty and I have been sharing a kind of friendship which has transcended age, status in life, dogmas, time, and distance.
TRES GABRIELAS, marlyn, me and tweeny - last community party, december 2009
TRES GABRIELAS, Marlyn (another good friend), me and Tintin – last community Christmas Party, December 2009
last christmas 2009
last Christmas caroling 2009 (photo courtesy of Thelma Mendez)
with tin, my tweeny
with Tintin a.ka. my Tweeny (photo courtesy of Thelma Mendez)
last chinese new year, february 2010
with Marlyn, Rushdee (Tintin’s son), Tintin and Betty – last Chinese New Year, February 2010
with tin and her son pong (ahmed rrushdee)
happy moments!
with amin (tin's husband) during their son's nursery graduation
with Amin (Tintin’s husband) during their son’s nursery graduation – March 2010
surprise despidida for tin, rachelle and me
surprise despidida for Tintin, Rachelle and me – March 2010
they are also missed...
They are also missed.
This get-together after three years was made possible by Australian-based Ma. Cristina “Tintin” Pineda-Mababaya (we endearingly call each other TWEENY for we were mistaken as one person by a school guard and even her own husband). She  came home with her two kids, Rushdee and Sofia,  for a short visit to her father. The third member was Betty Marie Mijares who hailed all the way from Rizal province just to join us at 8 am.
Initially, this was set last April 5 but our sked did not meet. Good thing, I had an early run at MOA which became the neutral ground for us. I suggested the place and the time. I had a feeling I would finish the race before seven o’ clock. I was thankful and happy that Tin and Betty agreed. Well, call it respect to the eldest “sister.” Hahahaha. 
I chose Marina which serves an eat-all-you-can breakfast as early as 7 am on a Sunday. It was perfect for me for I could start eating my meal while waiting for the two. I was almost done when Betty arrived. And when Tintin, with her adorable “dolls” and younger sister, finally found our spot, Betty was just starting her breakfast. You see, she had to join the loooong queue in this resto. This is the downside of eating in a very affordable eat-all-you-can meal.
Then, the updating began.
Betty, our ever accommodating and bubbly storyteller, made sure that we did not miss the hot issues which elicited gasps, tsking, ohs, ahs, smiles, giggles, laughter, heads shaking, and deep breathing from us. Hearing these had me concluding that SJCS has remained one of the most colorful and showbiz-like communities in the academe. Well, I guess no different from other schools.
The stories which we missed for three years were capsulized in just two hours. Funny but Tin and I were still very much interested to know these things about the school which we served and loved for years (the three of use were together for 9 years) but later on left for an almost similar reason.
Frankly, I experienced a déjà vu when I saw Tintin and Betty again. They would always remind me of a chapter in my life which I would love reopening because they made it beautiful, exciting and memorable despite the odds which we all hurdled triumphantly.

Thank you very much for the gift of friendship, Tintin and Betty. I know yesterday’s meeting will have a repeat. And if that happens, we will make sure that we will have all the time in the world to reminisce the good ol’ days and allow ourselves to just laugh, laugh and laugh!

like a happy family (photo courtesy of betty)
Betty and I with Tintin’s growing family minus Amin whom we dearly missed (photo courtesy of Betty)
secretly and surprisingly wishing for a daughter!
secretly and surprisingly wishing for a daughter!
the sisters or sisterakas pose 1 (photo courtesy of betty)
the sisters or Sisterakas pose 1 (photo courtesy of Betty)
the sisters or sisterakas pose 2 (photo courtesy of betty)
the sisters or Sisterakas pose 2 (photo courtesy of Betty)
just like the good ol' days!
just like the good ol’ days!

3 thoughts on “The Best of the Sunday Bests

  1. I was thinking the ” mau and Larry Diner” can be the top one in your sunday bests since the resto carries both your names… not too surprised though if a reunion with friends lands on the first since the resto will be there for as long as there are patrons, but a planned meeting with a few good friends happens rarely.

    Nice to see two of my former colleagues. Tin’s baby girl is sooo cute. Does Betty have a plan of getting married too?

    and yeah…it feels good to reminisce the good old days with friends.


    1. being a sentimental jouster, seeing friends after quite sometime will always top my list.

      no plans yet. betty is very much happy with her single-blessedness. 🙂

      oh yes! bubbee (nee sofia _____ ) is truly a doll! wished i had one. hahahahaha… 🙂


  2. I forgot to mention—ganyan kaganda na pala ang faculty room nung iniwan mo:) Since there was a mention of Betty and Tin in your best of sunday, I overlooked Cora, Marlyn , thelma and rachelle ( i remember her as a newbie when i left sjcs


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