Sunday Bests

My Sunday morning was jampacked with exciting stories but  I will only be writing about the top three.

Let me start from the bottom.
Top three was my running in the BDO Race for Life 2013 after a full month rest (or you may call it laziness). Despite my not doing any training run within this period and the scorching heat of the sun as early as 6:15 am, I was able to finish the race in one piece (I am readying myself though for some post-run muscle pains).  But I did my best to enjoy this event. Seeing and exchanging smiles and short talk with three familiar faces on the track had me telling myself silently that I had missed much in my self-declared break.
I failed to achieve a sub-3 time and even a PR in the 21-k distance but I had only myself to blame for my 3 hours and 11 seconds. If this is the kind of pacing I will have in the Safeguard 2XU Sole Racing on April 21, I won’t surely be able to break the cut-off time.
Lesson learned. I am determined to stick to the mechanics of this novelty race lest my day will be spoiled.
I can now visualize the meaningful smile of a running buddy who told me to remember what I would often tell my students if they don’t comply or follow my rules: “Suffer the consequence/s.”
Top two of these stories is my passing this diner at the race venue.
Call it pure coincidental since it bears my husband’s nickname and mine. What a very simple name for a resto! But I love the color  combination in their signage. It’s very ME, the Wandering Jouster.
A cousin-in-law of Larry already asked me whether we owned this business establishment when he saw one of the branches somewhere in Quezon City. Of course, my answer was negative.
My seeing this one personally at the Mall of Asia had a different effect on me though that’s why I had to have my photo taken in front of it! Hahahahahaha…
the real owner?
The real owner?
Now, I posted this photo in my Facebook wall with this caption:

Saw this after my BDO run at MOA this morning…hahahahahaha! FEELING! Huwag na huwag pong kakain dyan at hihingi ng discount kasi kakilala nyo ang mga may-ari! Hahahahahaha… (Never eat there and ask for a discount just because you know the owners!) 

And now, the thread is getting longer and longer. (Click For those native speakers of English, be reminded though that the Filipino and Bicol languages were used here.

If today were April Fool’s Day, I would have victimized a lot of my friends. 


2 thoughts on “Sunday Bests

  1. then why not purchase a franchise to make it real ? …and when that happens i expect a good treat from you guys.


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