2 thoughts on “Simply Women

  1. I am sure that pading larry will allow you to attend the BU Grand Alumni Homecoming. I have already informed dok and den about the cowboy presentation. Aprubado na madi! I miss you, too.. See yah!


    1. let us volt in, madi. 🙂

      thank you so much. so far, i will correspond with you. i will pm you the music and the concept of the performance. to be kept secret. baka may maka-pirate lalo na ang batch 85. hahahahahaha…joke.

      it is important that we get to recruit the very willing performers, males, females and with “dual citizenship”! the more, the merrier. hehehe.

      everything to be polished, but of course got to ask for the permission from the commander-in-chief. 🙂

      can’t wait to see all of you again.

      para sa TRIBU 86!



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