a private dare

saturday is EFFORT DAY for me.

that is, in preparing the breakfast for us four – my three sons and me.
today, i did not have to wake up very early unlike on weekdays. this meant i could take my time in cooking the morning meal.
but this saturday became a little unusual because i prepared a dish which i haven’t done for almost a year now. oh yes, that loooooooong! the main reasons may be time and patience because i had to do three stages in preparing fritata or eggplant omelet.
last uncooked eggplant
last uncooked eggplant
my fritata!
my fritata!
up close, waiting to be eaten
up close, waiting to be eaten
i am one creature who is impatient with grilling which is actually the first thing that is done to the eggplants. then afterwards, removing the outer covering which is irritating especially if you are in a hurry because you got to endure the hot temperature even if you have already let the tap water run through the grilled veggie. lastly, comes the frying which i say is a piece of cake unless the hot cooking oil starts splattering, making a mess out of the kitchen.  grrrrr and sigh!
the splattering and  the sputtering are the ones which i also did not like in our morning second viand –  fried  liempo (pork belly).
the almost overfried liempo
the almost overfried liempo
well, i was willing to go through all of these  just to make a difference in our breakfast which made my husband thankful for the change when i texted him.
three days ago, he reminded me to already avoid cooking frozen and canned foods. he knew that up to now, i haven’t outgrown my fondness of red hotdogs and luncheon meat. being a health buff, larry knew that these are not giving us the right nutrients which we need.
mea culpa.
in my desire to have an express preparation of our breakfast, i could not stop myself from buying these cold cuts. as a result, this became my sons’ preference, too. it’s like their breakfast would not be complete without these on the table.

now, you understand why i had to do this initial transformation. of course i am concerned with my family’s health. with the many identified and unidentified diseases nowadays, i could not bear to see one of us suffering from it.

so, tsararan!!! 
got this simple but healthy (?) meal ready for my kings with their well liked fried rice (ooops… erratum: my youngest son still opts to have the plain rice).
kings' meal?
kings’ meal?
my  fried rice
my fried rice
“our food looked like from chic-boy,” this was the comment of knight once he took his seat. (chic-boy is a local restaurant here in the philippines.)
you could have seen my nostrils (not my head) swelling for this compliment. hahahaha…
his words, plus consuming everything on his plate, were enough to show me that he appreciated my labor of love. i need not ask my twins’ articulation  because their getting their third serving was a silent approval of my work.

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