“royal” runner 2

among my three sons, it is the younger twin who has shown great interest in sports.

in fact, alexander’s very first serious dreamed job was to be a professional soccer football player. thanks to “captain tsubasa”, an anime show on this game, it somewhat influenced his early career choice.
my once future pele
my once future pele
i was surprised, yet i did not contradict his goal because i did not want to curtail whatever passion he has towards it. to add, it was also my favorite sport when i was in high school, thus seeing him following my footsteps in a way.
that’s why i supported him when he joined the try-out and started training for the san beda grade school soccer football team three years ago.
all out support for alexander
all out support for alexander
unexpectedly, he had a change of heart when he entered grade 7. he now wanted running and basketball.
secretly, this shift made me very happy (the fact that i am also into running) especially when he officially made it to the sbca high school track and field varsity.
last march 2 was his very first time to show his running skills  at the brent invitational school meet where he pitied with different athletes from seven participating schools (i.e., International School Manila, Saint Michael’s College of Laguna, Faith Academy, Marist School, Laguna Northwestern College, Angels in Heaven School and the event host, Brent International School Manila).
i also wanted to be there and cheer for him, but i just decided to let him draw the positive energy and motivation from his teacher-coach and teammates. besides, i did not want to appear like a stage mother by tagging along with him. that’s why when he texted me that he and his team were able to have a place in  three events, i was bursting with pride. it was a good start for my “royal” runner.

EVENT: 400M Dash

PLACE: 9th

EVENT:  Sprint Medley

PLACE: Second

EVENT: 400M Relay

PLACE: Third

monday, march 4, he came home ecstatically with the medals and ribbon which were given to him in a simple and private awarding ceremony at sbca after their regular training.
i could have captured his smile which i also saw when we immediately celebrated his winning at his favorite pizza parlor right after fetching him in san beda last friday. 🙂


these are our simple sources of joy, and we will never fail to acknowledge the Lord’s continuous generosity to us. 🙂

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