quick but precious

unplanned family frolics are sometimes much preferred than those which would take long time and detailed planning but would not materialize in the end.

this was what happened when my older brother joseph invited us to join their swimming at alabang hillsborough this sunday morning.
originally, we were supposed to pay him a visit yesterday afternoon but he was out for his weekend sideline work. so, he extended the invite for today which i initially turned down because of a prior sked. thus, it was a blessing in disguise indeed when my earlier appointment did not push through.
given the directions to hillsborough the night before, i drove to alabang hills which was a familiar route for me since that’s what i take in going to san beda. unfortunately, my hazy sense of directions plus my faulty perception that our car would be allowed to drive through with only the friendship sticker on it attacked. hahaha…i immediately called my brother and he instructed me to wait for them in front of san beda to have the convoy.
entry solved because their vehicle had the sticker, my sons and my niece were in a tizzy to take a dip the moment we reached the pools which we had to ourselves during the first two hours.
garet and knight - the partners in swimming
garet and knight – the partners in swimming
the princess and the knight
wrestling time! (photo courtesy of nonoy)
the fave game -  racing in the water
the fave game – racing in the water (photo courtesy of nonoy)
xandie trying the 10-feet area
xandie trying the 10-feet area
my twins, alexander and arthur, resting after failing a challenge
my twins, alexander and arthur, resting after failing a challenge
the twins, dwarfing their  titong (tito-ninong) joseph
the twins, dwarfing their titong (tito-ninong) joseph
with gene, the ever doting garet's "ate"
with gene, the ever doting garet’s “ate”
after a few minutes, i decided to join them as i started to feel the day’s humidity.
arthur and me
arthur and i in the shade
go to have that background captured...hehe
got to have that background captured…hehe
with my brother joseph in his directed pose
with my brother in his directed pose 🙂
with teri, who's a family to us already
with teri, who’s already a family to us
i stayed with my twins in the adult pool and would check on knight, who was in the kiddie pool, once in awhile. when my three sons finally decided to try the giant slide after their tita teri and garet, i had a good laugh while celebrating their success. afterwards, xandie tried convincing me to join them, but no amount of pushing made me do it.
my kings on the giant slide
my kings on the giant slide (photo courtesy of nonoy)
cheering for my boys!
cheering for my boys! (photo courtesy of nonoy)
i resumed my swimming and after more than an hour, my nerves relaxed. it was a good substitute to my supposedly running early this morning after not having it for more than a week now.
we left the area before 10:30 a.m. and followed my brother as he inspected the on-going construction of a house inside the village which i finally learned as his “side project”.
nonoy's designed house for a friend-client under construction
nonoy’s designed house for a friend-client
one of the shower rooms
one of the shower rooms
as his youngest sister, you could not blame me if i would always be very proud (to the point of bragging) of his work (i seek your indulgence and i apologize). this house was another impressive design of his after pasay city hall, pamantasan ng lungsod ng pasay, jai alai at harrizon plaza, cuneta astrodome, divisoria mall, and s.c.’s cityland condominium 1 to name a few (hey, bro, this is free publicity for you with love…hehehe). ever humble, nonoy would only lay down his portfolio when needed.
while touring the three-storey residence, i underwent hallucinations for a few minutes. i pretended that we were checking on our own house. then, i thought of my dream house whose design was started by him in collaboration with his wife sheila almost three years ago. i haven’t inquired if he has already finished it.  asking might mean we now have the needed budget to do the full renovation. 🙂
that visit at the site indicated the end of our morning together. 

our bonding was rather quick unlike our subic get-away (read the story at https://wanderingjouster.com/2012/10/28/carpe-diem/), but i would always grab and savor whatever opportunity there is to be with my loved ones. life is too short not to be enjoyed even in its littleness.

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