smail’s heart and soul

as of this writing, the christmas card, which one of my best friends  sent me last year, has not yet reached me. perhaps, it’s still wandering just like its addressee.

luckily, it was a different fate to the card which i surprisingly received from another dear friend, who is now  based in florida, usa.


despite the post-season receipt (it took more than a month to reach me), at least i was able to read the very affectionate message from ate tess (nee teresita r. aparato), who  took the efforts in scribbling those words which she could had just posted in my facebook wall or emailed me. i felt how important i am to her with this act.

ate tess 1st card

similarly, beng (nee ruby p. bautista) had the same intent. in fact, she did not mention about it to surprise me. she only inquired about it when out of the people whom she sent christmas cards to locally and internationally, i was the only one who did not receive it.
a puzzle indeed! or better termed, a frustrating one especially to the sender!
knowing  this best friend of mine who is an eloquent speaker and writer (read her comments on several topics here in my blog), i am definite she had again meaningfully articulated her feelings and thoughts (which i am sure are solely for me) in that unreceived card.
now, whose inefficiency is it?  the postal service in manila  or in las pinas city? this is the query which could only be answered if investigated on. hahahahaha…between beng and me, i wonder who would ever decide to do it when we have more important things to accomplish. 🙂
well, this experience had me nostalgic when snail mail was the prevalent medium of correspondence between larry and me back in 1995.
to prove this, here are the letters and cards which i sent him!




yes, dear readers, my husband still keeps them.
and so do i!




seeing them again made me recall the time that i would spend in writing and mailing them at the central post office in lawton, manila. not to mention was the alloted amount in buying those cards, stationeries and of course, the stamp fees. international mails were obviously more expensive than those locally mailed. well, all these things did not matter when you are doing it  for someone whom you love.
nowadays, it’s a different story though. 
with the advent of technology, communication was revolutionized. if before we had to patiently wait to receive the reply for days, weeks, and months, now it’s only a millisecond. this change truly benefited all of us.
it is for this fact that friends and relatives who would still resort to the traditional way of messaging their loved ones have to be well-appreciated for sending a very clear and strong message that the recipient is truly thought of. to personally write those words instead of just copy pasting or forwarding greetings via the mobile phones, electronic mails, social networking sites, and electronic cards is endearing.
yes, gone were the days when one had to excitedly wait for the missive  from someone. gone were the days when rusty mail boxes were constantly checked. gone were the days when postmen were very important part of our lives because they were the deliverer of news, be it happy or sad.

i am thankful that i belonged to that generation who was able to experience and maximize the use of snail mail or smail. for me, it bore the human heart and soul…

thank you, beng and ate tess, for this sweetness. i know time and distance have tried changing the kind of friendship that we share, but we are all trying our best to guard it through these simple things that mean a lot.
and yes, i am still hoping that the christmas card will still be delivered to me. if it happens, it will already be an advanced one for december 25, 2013. 🙂

wj's coat of arms

6 thoughts on “smail’s heart and soul

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  1. Do you know that until now I’m still thinking where my mail went? I checked on the eight cards for friends and relatives I had to send for Christmas last end of November before mailing them, sadly yours is lost. ( I liked the message on that card and the message I wrote there.)

    and yes, I wrote the same sentiments which I pour out in writing to friends who still care and remember. I am quick in making friends, but I only keep a few who are worthy of my loyalty and trust. I opted to send you my greeting card the conventional way rather than using this communication network. I had to choose between going to the post office (notwithstanding the heavy traffic in Manila) or simply facing my PC while crunching a snack, haha—I chose the first because I thought it more personal and honest. Anyway, your natal day is coming, there’s always the next time. 🙂

    Keeping your correspondence with Larry ( like he does) meant only one thing—marriage of forever. After knowing him for a short time ( not including the first, haha) I knew he is a good, sweet and loving man. Binigay siya sa iyo ni Lord, kaya wag mo pasakitin ang ulo, haha.:););)


    1. my intuition has not failed me… i knew you’re bluebelle, friend. why be incognito? hehehehehehe…

      i am glad you have publicly (am i right?) shared your tumbler’s account. does this mean to say, you’ll now do regular blogging? looking forward to that. 🙂

      as what i wrote in this entry, i am still hoping for the delivery of that card. 🙂

      again, my sincerest thanks…

      hahaha. matagal ng sumasakit ang ulo ni larry sa akin kaya nga nalalagas na ang mga buhok. 🙂 🙂


  2. No, I don’t do much blogging of my own, what I do is to visit other’s blogs, haha. that’s why most of the times I keep on asking for new pass word because I can’t recall the PW I used for one blog and so on…until I learned to write down my PW for every blog I enter 🙂 I stumbled upon ” A little bit of Color” blog and I saw your avatar. I realized it’s WordPress that made it happen, haha.

    Notice the avatar of my newest niece ? cute noh?


    1. oh, i see.

      in my case, i only use one password in all my accounts so it will be easy for me to recall.

      i know tumbler is a good site especially for those who love letting the pictures “talk”. you can always upload your own shots here.

      i started following a little bit of color blog when it appeared in my community as one of my “likers”. yup, has the midas touch for this. 🙂 amazing!

      is your avatar nok’s princess or a NEW niece in the family? really cute.


  3. much easier in tumblr, you upload, blog or reblog anything of your liking or interest. Its only limitation is that comments are not allowed except the blogger’s. For nice pics instagram is most sought these days. ( try putting all your wonderful pics there with your annotation)
    and yes, my avatar is Ysabelle Nicole, nok’s baby girl. I’m currently her special nanny, haha, but that one uploaded is done through graphics.

    p.s. do you know that that your IP address is available for this site?


    1. i think WJ will be the last one for me to maintain. hehehehe…i am not anymore interested in creating one for tumbler and instagram though photography is one hobby that i plan to develop. choss…

      a very very special nanny indeed. 🙂

      i am not that knowledgeable about using graphics.

      yes, i know. so with your IP address. it appears everytime you make a comment here. 🙂 i think that’s how it really works.


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