the mau in me

this is my third entry where i made use of  feline photos.

tonight, i will specifically talk about one of the unique breeds of cats, the egyptian mau.
mau 1
mau 2
mau 2
mau 3
mau 3
you see, it was an accidental discovery in the net when i learned that my nickname MAU is actually the egyptian word for cat. from then on, my love for cats was rekindled. unluckily, i could only admire them in pictures  and  sometimes at cartimar pet shops in pasay city during our once-in-a-blue-moon visit.
i would love to own a persian cat but having one in the house is  a remote possibility as of this moment. we already have three dogs which have given me a lot of inconvenience every time we go out-of-town since we do not have someone to take care of their food. and mind you, additional pet would mean additional expenses, too! not to forget is exposing my youngest son to  cats’ fur which contains significant amounts of allergens that can trigger an asthma attack.
anyway, i chanced upon a quick list about the egyptian mau’s distinguishing characteristics at which i am sure won’t bore you unlike the other detailed information here in the web.
Egyptian Mau’s Physical Traits:
  • Random spots with the dark spots being very vivid against the base coat color
  • Come in silver, bronze, smoke, or black
  • Have a spotted or marbled pattern (referred to as Classic Mau)
  • The color pattern appears at the end of the fur (called ticking). Push back the fur and you’ll see white hair against pink skin. It is not true that if you shave a Mau the spots appear on their skin.
  • The dark ‘M’ on their forehead is often called a scarab beetle mark
  • Their almond-shaped eyes turn gooseberry green as they mature
  • Strong black ‘mascara lines’ run from the corners of the eye across the cheek
  • On silvers, a strong black line runs along the spine to the tail
  • The one way to tell a Mau: they have an extra flap of skin extending from the end of the ribcage to the hind limbs that allows for increased speed (like the Cheetah)
  • Fastest running Mau was clocked running over thirty miles an hour
  • Their hind legs that are longer than their front legs
  • They are short-haired cats, but do shed and require occasional brushing
  • Have few known health issues
Egyptian Mau Personality Traits
  • Very athletic – these are strong, physical cats
  • Very intelligent (you’ll notice this in play, when they don’t fall for your tricks the way other cats do)
  • Shy around strangers
  • Dislike loud noises and can be easily startled
  • Form a strong bond with the family member of their choice
  • Will greet you at the door when you come home
  • Play fetch
  • Engage in a lot of hunting behavior type play
  • Love warmth
  • Get more active after they’ve eaten
what caught my attention in this article was the egyptian mau’s personality traits.
aha! it seems the both of us have several commonalities. 🙂
first to mention is the fact that i also “Engage in a lot of hunting behavior type play“.
now, who will take this claim seriously? 🙂
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