valentine’s day: bedans’ style

the color and scent of love was everywhere in san beda college alabang when i reported early this morning.

i smiled. i was wearing white pants and blue top which do not carry the hues identified with valentine’s day.
well, in my post at  i already wrote my reason why i am one of those earthlings who do not mark february fourteen as a red-letter day. that’s why when i entered my first speech communication class at 8:00 a.m. today, i was my usual self.
to my surprise, three pieces of yellow post-it  with  two orange daisy petals were on the teacher’s desk. i immediately  acknowledged charlaine, coleen and aileen (love the rhyme here!) – the thoughtful people behind the greetings and messages.
the sweet notes
the sweet notes
then came the bubbly class president, rachel, who handed me a rose. sooooo sweet!
i thought i would only experience this among graders.
a rose for me!
a rose for me!
quickly sweeping the room with my eyes, i saw white paper flowers, chocolates and notes on several desks. as the other members of the BSA-1B  arrived, i witnessed the kind of friendship these accountancy majors are sharing. truly, remarkable!
friends in love
friends in love
enjoying the happy atmosphere
enjoying the happy atmosphere
this display of love and care made me more hyped in holding my english 103 class never expecting that it would be repeated in my 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. period.
i could have hugged them!
i should have hugged ana and lyka!

i got creatively-made red paper roses and a chocolate bar! perfect VD symbolisms. wow! these accountancy students are truly making me feel suuuuper special.

i left BSA-1A with a wide grin. here i am, being accorded this kind of attention and affection despite my not looking forward to this valentine’s day. 
i was touched…really.
so, thank you, thank you, and thank you, “cpas”! you are one of my blessings in san beda. 🙂  🙂  🙂
my  flowers today
my flowers today
feeling liked and loved
the  liked and loved (photo by knight)

wj's coat of arms

8 thoughts on “valentine’s day: bedans’ style

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  1. Awww… they’re so sweet Mentor! Haha, how I wish I could also send you paper roses that were sold here in PNU yesterday… You really have many students admiring you, and it just puts a smile on my face to remember that I am also one of them.

    Happy Heart’s Day, Mentor, I may be far from where you are, but how I wish I could still show my love and support to you in simple ways like this…

    I miss you and love you.
    -your future teacher/writer in the making,
    Abi. ^_^


    1. bedans’ sweetness is one of the endearing qualities which actually surprised me. being college students, i never expected that they will still be openly showing this to their professors. 🙂

      as the cliche saying goes, “the thought counts”, abi. i hope you had a blast at pnu yesterday. hmmm…i bet you received a lot of flowers and chocolates. hehehe.

      your message always makes me happy. 🙂 🙂

      good luck and thank you very much for keeping me posted. you will do GREAT in my alma mater.


      1. hahaha, well speaking of my Valentine’s day experience at Normal, I got two roses, and one is from my professor here who is also my close friend (I gave her paper roses too ^_^)… and the other one…well HEHEHE! (nevermind ~_~ :P). Oh and yes, I got chocolates too! 🙂

        Don’t worry. I’m still single. HAHAHA.Still No plans of entertaining suitors of any kind! XD


      2. i bet you had a memorable VD. good one for a newbie at pnu. hehehehe. and you are one lucky young lady to be given a rose by no other than your professor????? w-o-w! i do hope the giving does not send a different meaning to the other students (though i know this professor-friend of yours is a female)…:-) 🙂

        you are special to these people who remembered you last february 14.

        keep smiling.


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