We Ain’t Indians and Chickens!

It took more than four months to schedule a get-together again among the BUHS Tribu 86 Manila Group.

The last time we had it was on September 14, 2012. Thanks to the efforts of my good friend-kumare, Janet, she patiently disseminated (as per requested  by someone whom we thought was dying to see us…hehehe) the information  to the people concern and made sure she got their confirmation for their attendance. Six said “yes” but only four of us came –  my cousin Medvil, Janet, Rene and myself. Razi and Yep (aka Fr. Bosi, OP) failed to make it for reasons which we did not like to partly believe and accept. Hahahaha…
Well, indians and chickens abound in our tribe you know. Indians as in “indianero” (anyone who stood up a date) and chickens as in “chickening out” (getting out of something, usually because of fear or cowardice) at the last minute. Wo-wo-wo-wo!!!! Buck-buck-buck-buck!!!!
Anyway, it was through these varied interpretations (with a touch of kinkiness!) that the four of us was able to have a good laugh (really goooooooood that my jaw and tummy ached from laughing!) for three hours when we were at Chili’s in Alabang Town Center last night.
the giant chili...from bicol???
The giant hanging chili…from Bicol???
i am convinced!
I am convinced!

Clearly, the small number doesn’t matter at all when you are with people who have the same objective in sustaining the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood of our high school batch.

the usual people with palabra the honor
Waiting and hoping for more katribu
with rene, looking like the service crew in his red polo...hehehehe
With Rene, looking like the service crew in his red polo…hehehehe
Likewise, the mini-reunion served as a post-birthday dinner with Med, who had his own private celebration a day before. The sumptuous but light dishes which we ordered had us all feeling full (in my case it’s the ever favorite bottomless iced tea) when we decided to end that bonding around 11 pm.
bottomless tostada chips
bottomless tostada chips
triple play
Triple dipper
cilantro pesto pasta (chicken for us)
Cilantro pesto pasta (chicken for us)
cajun club sandwich with fries
Cajun club sandwich with fries
fajita trio
Fajita trio
As we said our “goodbyes” we uttered a wish for our katribu who failed to show up.
The wish: for them to have a wonderful evening with whoever they preferred to be with that moment. *winks*



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