the doctor in shining armor

january 24, thursday, was  the IBED guidance and counseling services first “career awareness day program”  in the primary grade school department.

on that day, all the grades 1 and 2 pupils were garbed in the attire which would identify them with the profession which they would want to be someday. this event was a perfect opportunity for these kids to explore their dreams, increase their awareness about different jobs in the community and be a productive member of the society. as part of the activity, they had the little professionals’ parade in their campus, career talks for all the pupils,  and and a contest called “little professionals’ talent explosion”. the affair culminated with the awarding of the “best dressed little professional” in every section.
i was well prompted by lancelot, my youngest son,  about this activity a week earlier. in fact, his  costume was already prepared being easy to find. surprisingly, he changed his mind on the job that he would want to have two days before the actual date.
from being a teacher (which actually surprised but elated me when he told me that he wanted to be one), he now liked to be a pilot. the sound of the new career he would want to take made me mentally approve  of it at once but there was one rub    –   we didn’t know someone from whom we could borrow the pilot hat. i immediately informed knight about it. then, he asked me: “ikaw po, nanay, ano po ang gusto mo para sa akin?” (what would you want for me, mom?)
i answered at once telling him that it should be he who should pick the profession because it’s his future. i added that parents were not supposed to do the choosing for their children when it comes to their dreams in life. it would be like forcing them to do something which they hate.
after hearing my explanation, he smiled and declared: “nanay, doctor na lang po ako. totoo na po yun.” (i will just be a doctor, mom. it’s the real one.)
and so, wednesday night, lancelot and i went to southmall  to look for the white pants which became the partner of his white long sleeves and of course, a toy stethoscope. luckily, it did not take us long to find what we needed.
borrowing the high school lab gown of his older brother plus the spare surgical mask at home, presto we had DR. LANCELOT T.K.  M.  GINES, M.D.
my little "doctor"
my little “doctor” at the cas faculty center
looking more like a communicant...hehehe
looking more like a first communicant…hehehe
upon his arrival from school, i inquired about the activity. he relayed to me that a classmate mistook him for a priest even if he had with him the props. hahahaha… aside from this anecdote, he told me that he was asked why he wanted to be a doctor. well, he sounded like a “little mister pogi” contestant when he repeated his reply that he would cure the sick. a little later, he showed me a plastic laminated souvenir from the affair commenting that his first choice was the one which was printed there.
front photo
front photo
the text
the text
i smiled. as young as he is, the possibility of not sticking to a chosen dreamed profession is still very big. i am sure, there will still be a lot of factors which will influence him in finally settling with his future career.

well, whatever it is, we will support him all the way in achieving it.  but, first things first…he has to finish grade 2 so he will be one of those who will be in the moving up ceremony in march.

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  1. Oh my G! I’m surprised at how my Lance had grown…thanks to my reliable nanny.

    Go Lance! reach for your dreams, whether you become a pilot or a doctor you can still be a teacher on the side…hmm, and yeah he looks like a cute communicant in that pic.

    P.S. went on a short hiatus. a close relative died after her battle with complications from diabetes and the clan had to mobilize. Death is really inevitable.


    1. yes, friend. ang bilis talaga.

      hahahaha. i do not want to disappoint you, madam that’s why i got to do it right. 😉

      condolence. actually, we will go to indang, cavite later for the same reason — death of larry’s aunt. kami ang representatives.

      thanks for dropping a note again. 😉


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