evolution of the wandering jouster’s coat of arms

after almost one month of waiting, the wandering jouster’s coat of arms is born!

from the sketch of my son alexander who patiently listened to me when i described my desired design, i asked my niece christine if she could enhance it.
alexander's sketch
alexander’s sketch
at 6:16 p.m. today, she sent me her first design.
tin's logo design number  1
COA design number 1
i liked it at first sight but i had to comment on the spelling of WONDERING, request to delete the periods in the W. J., and then inquire if the knight’s right leg could be exposed with one rubber shoe.
for the first two, it was relatively easy. for the third, she frankly remarked that it didn’t look good with it when she tried adding the features.
i agreed. to add, making the rider wear a branded shoe will be a pro bono advertisement for the company. hahahaha…
tin's logo design number 2
COA design number 2
you might be wondering (now, that’s an “o”!), why you could see a picture of a quill and ink on the horse.
my fault. i added a request to place a quill at the end of the lance when in reality, what i was thinking of was a fountain pen point.
not a quill!
not a quill!
it took her almost thirty minutes to do the revision. at 8:08 p.m., she uploaded her third.
logo design number 4
COA design number 3
at this point, i had to call for the premier designer to give his feedback. just like mine, he suggested for a slimmer handle. 
looking at the time which was reflected in our facebook private messaging, she worked on the slight change  for 27 minutes.
the wj official logo
COA design number 4
tilting the pen point just a little will make this  the official wandering jouster’s coat of arms. i knew, tin was back to her work, thus she failed to work on it ASAP. tomorrow will surely be the day for the finishing touches.
thank you very much, tin!
thank you very much, xandie!

with all the support and love being extended by my family and friends, i can feel that i have already won my battle at the condura skyway marathon.

and yes, had this been made earlier, i could have had this printed on my running top which i will be wearing at my first marathon on sunday.
indeed, this is another way to mark this important event in my so-called running career.

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