A Dissection of Friendship

It really pays to have true friends.

Yesterday, Larry already got the package which I sent him through one of my best friends, Paeng, who happens to work in Jubail, the same city where my husband is. 
Paeng and I had a brief reunion at Amici, Alabang Town Center on January 16 which was a very good timing because I was able to ask that favor from him. Ever accommodating and gracious, he willingly brought it to Saudi Arabia with him after a half-month break here in the Philippines.
wacky pose number 1
romantic (?)  pose number 1
wacky pose number 2
romantic (?) pose number 2  
poses that mean a lot!
poses that mean a lot
the unbeatable entertainers????
the unbeatable entertainers (?)
friendship that lasts...
friendship that lasts
Our talk was mostly exchange of punchlines which was always interrupted by unconstrained laughter. The last time we saw each other was during our Silver Jubilee in July 2011 where the same scenario transpired. Nothing had changed a bit when we are together.
first pose of the day upon arrival at the ground of our alma mater
with Ruth Tatel, another high school best friend
serious pose with a serious friend, Ed Monforte
the trying hard model in us pose no. 1
the trying hard model in us pose no. 2
The date with Ferdie and him was something which I could not turn down even if I wouldn’t be requesting him to bring that package. You see, Paeng is one of the few persons whom I share a unique kind of friendship. Despite the miles that separate us and the lapses in communication, we have remained the best of friends because of trust, respect, and frankness. This is where our friendship has been anchored on. 
In our high school batch, we were known as a “tandem” when it comes to entertainment. When we were around, expect a pandemonic comedy bar atmosphere. Our dialogs were always spontaneous. We didn’t need a script to hold the interest of our “audience.”  Every time he threw a line, I knew the perfect response to it. I think this could be partly traced to our mutual interest in performing arts. Paeng is also a natural on stage. Tell him what to do, and he will give you the greatest performance of his life with a touch of La Aunor’s influence when it comes to acting.
in our Beyonce costumes before our “One Night Only” performance
making Paeng realize one of his “dreams” — being a beauty pageant contestant
post-pageant photo with my kumare-friend Ruby Mendones
It was our being classmates in the first and third year high school that provided a chance for us to be closer even though we had our respective cliques. Belonging to one section and encountering favorable and even zany experiences made our freshmen and junior life something to always talk about during get-together. We would love recalling the kind of problems our classmates would encounter then. While most of them were already experiencing heartaches, we were having a great time talking about our favorite topic – the showbiz world. 
The two of us were schoolmates in elementary, thus mingled with the same set of faces  and were handled by almost the same teachers especially in grade six. We are both residents of Daraga, Albay making us speak the same dialect.
As we matured, we found out that we have different views in life, but Paeng and I have never been judgmental of each other. Whatever kind of life we have chosen is the product of rational thinking.
All in all, we have known each other for more than three decades now. But,  we don’t pay so much attention to time element in our friendship. To us, what matters is having the link which we don’t even have to worry about whether it is still there or not, or whether it is still strong or weak. 

From the start when we called each other FRIEND (and other endearments), we both know how it is to be ONE.

December 2009 Tribu 86 Manila chapter get-together @ MOA
May 2010 Paeng’s Vice Ganda Concert treat (with my second cousin-batchmate-friend Joel Carrascal)
meeting Cesar Velasco Jr. at the Araneta  Coliseum lobby

Photo Credit:

Rafael “Paeng”  Morada, Jr. 

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