1 little 2, little 3 … many atis!

time and circumstances were very kind to me last january 20, thus making me arrive at san beda college alabang before  my son’s field demonstration.

right after my 7-eleven run 800 at cavitex (see story at https://wanderingjouster.com/2013/01/21/7-eleven-run-800-rocks/) i was lucky to immediately hail  a cab to bring me to the school. initially, the driver  was hesitant to drive me all the way to san beda had i not agree for a 50-peso additional charge. in ordinary situations, i would not ride in that taxi who’s obviously a violator having seen a good opportunity to earn more in a negative way. well, luck was not with him when i noticed that his meter was changing so often and i had to call his attention to it. to cut this story short, he later on asked me how much i would pay him until we reached my destination (which is equivalent to his silent admission of guilt). with the agreed upon final amount which i decided to hand him, i’m sure i did not short change him.
now, in the middle of my observing the taxi meter flow, i texted my niece christine for the updates. with the little hitch solved, our exchange of sms assured me that i would be able to reach the football field according to my calculated time.
when i got off the taxi, i still had enough time to change from my running attire to my fresh set of clothes. thanks to mobile phones (with load at that!), it did not take me long to locate tintin and my twins.
as lancelot’s grade level assemble, i made sure that he would see me at once. seeing his widest smile erased any tiredness nor pain which threatened to bug me after crossing the finish line and even totally letting me forget that little episode with the taxi driver.
off to their most-awaited number
off to their most-awaited number
my favorite ati
my favorite ati
a pose with my violet little indian
a pose with my violet little ati
a shot with his ate tintin, serving as his personal photographer
a shot with his ate tintin, serving as his personal photographer
with healthy kindred "atis"
with healthy kindred “atis”
the green and orange little indians
the green and orange little atis
the pink and blue little indians
the pink and blue little atis
the red and mint green indians
the red and mint green atis
these second graders did ati-atihan. in case you do not know, ati-atihan means “to be like aetas” or “make believe atis”. this is a feast held annually in kalibo, aklan, tondo, lipa, batangas and other places in the philippines where their patron is the Santo Niño  (Infant Jesus). the fourth and the last level to perform, i could say that they should be declared as the winners if it were a contest even if i didn’t have my son in this group.
entrance of the indians
grand entrance of the atis
energized knight
energized knight
i like that move!
i like that move!
sooo cuuuute indians
sooo cuuuute atis
before them  were the junior kinder,  grade 1 and  grade 2. it was in their numbers that the audience got to meet and mingle with different nature’s mystical denizens and another tribe of atis — the orange ones. sadly, i failed to remember the title of their presentation. nevertheless, i always found great joy and pride in seeing children impressively deliver what their teachers-trainors had taught them. the rigid training and rehearsals which they did two weeks before the final day had them sacrificing classes which could have given them a lot of opportunity for learning. as a parent and teacher, i could not blame their teachers and even the ibed administrators if they had to resort to this. the annual field demonstration is one of the most-awaited activities in the grade school. and to coincide with the fortieth founding anniversary of san beda, the pressure to present something novel was greater. 
the junior kinder
the junior kinder
the grade three level
the grade three level
the grade one
the grade one level

this event was a resounding success. i was happy for lancelot because he had gained another level of self-confidence via his participation. not to forget  was his having a darkish color after daily exposure to the heat of the sun during practices. hmmm…is he starting to have the tint of an ati? 🙂

proud nanay and kuya
proud nanay and kuya
trying the ati's headdress
trying the ati’s headdress
the knight's team
knight’s team
the gines tribe minus the chieftain...
the gines tribe minus the chieftain…

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