7-Eleven Run 800

My failure to participate in the “Live More Run” at Nuvali last January 19  did not make me sulk. 

I had to forgo this novelty run to be able to encode my grades in the prism before the due date on January 22. Since January 21 is a rest day in San Beda, I had no other available time but that Saturday afternoon which coincided with the 3 pm sked of the run. I still contemplated on going there for half a day, but my responsibility as a teacher had to be prioritized. I got to accept the fact that things happen beyond our control.
Anyway, knowing that I would be having another run come Sunday, January 20, didn’t make me regret not realizing my plan to make a colorful jouster out of me. Whatever I missed at LMR, I made sure that my experience in the 7-Eleven run 800 at Cavitex would make up for it. And really, it did.
First, I reached the start line a couple of minutes late after the race began for 21k runners at 4:30 am. It was my very first time not to be in the starting area before the gun start. Had I not transfer from the jeepney which I rode in Las Piñas to a taxi cab, I would be more late in going to Aseana Business Park. To a person whose hazy sense of direction would increase in the middle of anxiety, the far location of the start area from the unloading point and center of the race, added to the not-so-okay feeling. One thing that I don’t like when I am running is to be late and misdirected. What lessened my slightly harassed condition though was seeing that there were quite a number of wave A runners who had just also reached the starting point. It made me silently wonder whose time was wrongly set — the organizers’ or the latecomers’. Hahahaha…
And so while running, I set my watch to be able to do the 4:1 Galloway method. In the absence of my coach, I had to be an obedient student-trainee. I knew he didn’t like being referred to as a “maestro” only to set aside all his “foods for the sole and soul” when we’re running on our own. I was determined to employ the technique until I crossed the finish line to see the result.
A few meters away from running 1 kilometer, I had to finally give in to the call of nature. Once, I was tempted to hide myself among the tall grass along the route but feared encountering any crawling creature and being accused of indecent exposure. Hahahaha… the sight of the Shell gas station made me feel relieved even before I eliminated the waste matter (euphemistically speaking…*winks*) from my body. Being free from the discomfort made me now focus on one thing — finishing the race as fast as I could to be able to make it to San Beda in time for the field demonstration of my youngest son at eight o’clock. You see, my running in Cavitex was also in jeopardy when I learned of the final sked of this IBED’s activity. Good thing,  I had an angel in my niece Christine who was willing to accompany her cousins before i could join them. Furthermore, the availability of a hired driver erased whatever worry I had as regards their comfortable trip to SBCA.
Minus the disturbing thoughts, my Cavitex run turned out to be a certified one-of-a-kind run. It was well-organized as shown by the race route, the presence of race marshals especially in dark obscure areas, overflowing hydration (as in!), and freebies (which I failed to claim due to time constraint). The organizers deserved a resounding applause for this!
But, the best part really of this run is the new route which I truly enjoyed as I familiarized myself with Cavitex.
the pride of the south - cavitex (photo grabbed from arch allan jay quesada fb album)
deserted Cavitex (photo grabbed from Arch. Allan Jay Quesada FB album)
Along the way, one got to savor the sight and sounds of this part of the south. In rare moments when I became a Las Pinas resident, I again saw flocks of birds enjoying their freedom in the sky as the clouds continued to take different forms. With the cool morning breeze touching my face as I ran the whole stretch of Cavitex, I had to be thankful for the ability to run, to joust, to smile and to celebrate.
conquering cavitex (photo courtesy of arch. allan jay quesada)
conquering cavitex (photo courtesy of arch. allan jay quesada)
I had a time of 3 hours and 7 minutes. As usual, it had not shown any improvement in my pacing. This has not dampened my spirit though. I could feel that something was different in my endurance. I felt that I could still run some more… say, to 42k? I think so. Maintaining the  4:1 pace assured me that if I keep it that way, I would survive my first mary with flying colors. I could now imagine my coach’s “I told you so” smile upon reading this admission.

Surely, my run 800 will hold a place in my list of best runs not because I set a PR here (which obviously I did not), but because it led me to making more connections between running and my zest for life.

Now, you might be wondering if I made it to the field demo of Lancelot.
You have to wait for my next entry.
For the meantime, I will keep you in suspense if you will allow me.

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