1 stone: 3 birds

the grand opening ceremony of the sto. nino fiesta started my very  fruitful day  last january 18.

from my active participation in the parade, i decided to stay and watch the cheer dance competition of the college students. it was a last minute decision which was very much welcome because i was able to show my support  to all my accountancy students. afterwards, my son and i dropped by at the san beda alabang museum to look at the works on exhibit.
the parade set the festive mood in the college. from the very few teachers who joined the rehearsal last thursday, the number increased which was not surprising since the CAS is the main host for this year’s pista ng sto. nino making our dean the hermana mayor.


sto. nino fiesta 2012 001

sto. nino fiesta 2012 006

sto. nino fiesta 2012 010

the ceremony’s over-all director thought of  a mini aliwan fiesta presentation which i lauded being a regular enthusiast of this affair at the ccp complex every summertime. obviously, all the performers spent serious attention to their numbers. to be performing in front of the sbca dignitaries is enough pressure to deliver a world-class performance. 

sto. nino fiesta 2012 009

sto. nino fiesta 2012 020

sto. nino fiesta 2012 015

sto. nino fiesta 2012 017

sto. nino fiesta 2012 026

sto. nino fiesta 2012 040

sto. nino fiesta 2012 052

in her closing remarks, the hermana mayor expressed her happiness and pride on the impressive result of the collaborated efforts of the people behind the program (see complete album at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200235645963281.190014.1516602908&type=1&l=18177c6a38).

sto. nino fiesta 2012 067

sto. nino fiesta 2012 054

sto. nino fiesta 2012 055

sto. nino fiesta 2012 057


an hour rest  after lunch gave us the energy to witness the cheer dance competition which also served as the midterm examination of some  students who are taking a P.E. subject this semester. but minus the motivation of meeting one of the bases for grading, this is one event in the college which the students look forward to because this is where each course battles it out for supremacy when it comes to synchronized dancing.

sto. nino fiesta 2012 014

sto. nino fiesta 2012 006

sto. nino fiesta 2012 020

sto. nino fiesta 2012 023

sto. nino fiesta 2012 052

sto. nino fiesta 2012 047

sto. nino fiesta 2012 050

sto. nino fiesta 2012 056

sto. nino fiesta 2012 061

my son and i left the gymnasium before the top three winners were announced, but my humble experience in dancing and judging in competitions like this made me confident that my personal choice would also be the panel of judges’ pick. true enough when i inquired about the result yesterday, my score cards were the same with the jurors’ (see full documentation at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200235790246888.190019.1516602908&type=1&l=a43c3ea182).
capping my friday was the museum tour i had with lancelot. from the gym, we passed by st. benedict hall where the school museum is located. my donning the official sto. nino fiesta shirt and lancelot wearing his school ID were our tickets for our easy entrance to the museum. though entrance there is free, walk-in visitors are sometimes subject to a question or two when entering the premises. well, good for us duo because it gave us all the time to feast our eyes on this set of fresh filipino masterpieces (click http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200235821487669.190021.1516602908&type=1&l=99b3b41917 for other photos).

sto. nino fiesta 2012 108

sto. nino fiesta 2012 074

sto. nino fiesta 2012 104

sto. nino fiesta 2012 078

sto. nino fiesta 2012 079

sto. nino fiesta 2012 091

sto. nino fiesta 2012 085

sto. nino fiesta 2012 087

sto. nino fiesta 2012 095

sto. nino fiesta 2012 092

sto. nino fiesta 2012 093

sto. nino fiesta 2012 098

hitting three birds with one stone — this is what i did for a single day in san beda. i did not only maximize my stay there, but i derived a lot of personal satisfaction having gained another level of religious, cultural, and artistic enhancement. 

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