feeling like…

i found a perfect location for my so-called unplanned photo shoot last january 10, thursday.

this is the fidel v. ramos research center at san beda college alabang library which sarah jeon, my lone student in the education department, and i use as our classroom for english214R (teaching strategies in communication arts) every tth at 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

fidel v. ramos research center





initially, it was just a whim for me to  have myself be photographed there but later on saw the perfect opportunity of “modeling” my new pashmina shawl which was a christmas gift of miss merly, one of my good friends in san beda. to add, i have something to write about aside from giving you a partial tour of this center. hahahaha…
honestly, sarah and i have been looking for a more conducive room but to no avail. you see, ever since the population in the college of arts and sciences has ballooned, the lack of classroom has become the number one concern of the college department. this is one problem which should be  fully addressed by the administration come academic year 2013-2014.
anyway, our occupying the center is still a blessing in disguise. everytime sarah is doing a written work in my course, i would fight boredom and sleepiness by looking at the different memorabilia, books, magazines and pictures about the 12th president of our country. in fact, i have learned that his father, narciso rueca ramos, was also very much into politics having become an assemblyman and ambassador. a journalist and lawyer by profession, i would no longer be wondering why his son trod the same path when he decided to be the top man of our country.

i am no fan of this president but i would stay grateful to him as he was also instrumental for the success of the people power revolution in 1986.



so you see, things really happen for a reason. we were given this room to at least know president ramos more and slightly change my negative impression about him. 
but the best part of course is feeling like the president every time i would sit at the head of the oval table. 

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  1. hahaha… this is so cute! I mean what you and Sarah did is just interestingly cute. Maybe if I didn’t transfer..well may kasama ka cguro sa ibang pictures. LOL. (forgive me. I am a frustrated model too. heheheh!) What a nice room you have there. I remember Ms. Escoto conducting classes with Sarah and me back in the faculty center, and with Ms. Zen in the departmental office. Haha. Good ol’ days. 🙂

    No difference. We’re conducting PE classes almost ANYWHERE here in PNU. The quadrangle is actually enough. haha. 🙂


    1. hi, abi. our way of entertaining ourselves (i am not sure though for sarah…hahahahaha!). if you were still here, we would be having lots of pictorials. hehehe. yes, the room is really nice. thanks.
      i bet, you have also held classes at UTMT.
      thanks for the post, my dear. enjoy.
      ‘hope to bump into you in the karakol tomorrow. 😉


  2. hahaha many pictorials indeed! I could have posted an album on facebook already (assuming..with many LIKES! :D)!!

    UTMT!! Hahaha. We had our first meeting on our Personality Education (Pers.Ed) 1 subject (which is called “Teacherhood”) just right there, while one meeting on Acad. Listening and Speaking (Eng01) at the open court at the front of CED.

    Well, the past weekend was a hectic one for me..so yeah I wasn’t able to push through with my plans of visiting SBCA. Since SCUAA has been finished, we’re back to NORMAL..as in Academics, exams, reporting time…So I am very sorry. However I congratulate SBCA for its success on its Sto. Nino festival! It was a bright and colorful event indeed! Oh well I hope I could still visit sometime! :>


    1. exchanging posts with you makes me reminisce my good ol’ days at pnu (pnc during my time). it seems, you will be encountering almost the same experiences as mine.
      at least, you can still distinguish NORMALCY. hahahahaha…
      thanks for the greetings, abi. sbca has set another historical event via the sto. nino fiesta this year.
      ‘hope to see you really.
      good luck on all your future endeavors. my prayers will include you. 😉


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