may the best MAN win!

the list of nominees for the best actor in the oscars 2013 is out last january 10 and three of them personally added to my excitement for the 85th academy awards.

the best actor nominees (photo grabbed from
the best actor nominees (photo grabbed from
daniel day-lewis, denzel washington and hugh jackman, three great hollywood actors based on my own standards, will pit against each other for the golden statue on february 24, sunday (monday, philippine time).


but among these names, i am most excited for jackman, being a first-time nominee in this most prestigious award-giving body for cinematic excellence in the USA. day-lewis and washington have not only experienced nominations but have actually won the best actor trophies. the former has twice won the academy awards for best actor in “my left foot” (1989) and in “there will be blood” (2007). the latter has one to boast for “training day” (2001).
obviously, i will be rooting for jackman this time though i have to accept the fact that it won’t be an easy win for him. i am already prepared in case he wouldn’t make it. remember, there are two dark horses in this category — bradley cooper and joaquin phoenix. who knows, we will be in for a big surprise come awards day.
now, why did i center on these three men?
well, i have watched and raved not only about their acting in the films which i was able to watch but also on how they looked.
who can ever forget daniel day-lewis in “the last of the mohicans”? his electrifying performance, plus his gorgeous looks, will make one fantasize about him asΒ  he embraces and tells cora munro (played by madeleine stowe) “stay alive! no matter what occurs, i will find you!”.
the first film where i saw him (photo grabbed from
the first film where i saw him (photo grabbed from
manliness in all angles (photo grabbed from
photo grabbed from
the scene where daniel uttered the most haunting lines (photo grabbed from
denzel washington has not only caught my heart for his performance in “glory” where he won his first academy award as best supporting actor but for his dedication to his craft. playing as a defiant, self-possessed ex-slave in this 1989 film, i have yet to see another actor still oozing with male sexiness whileΒ  silently shedding a tear only from his right eye as he’s being whipped.
the young denzel (photo grabbed from
the young denzel in his award-winning spot (photo grabbed from
photo grabbed from
stripped bronze god (photo grabbed from
the bearing of a proud black-american (photo grabbed from
ever since the first “x-men” movie was shown, the young and old had considered hugh jackman as a superhero, having portrayed wolverine in the film series. at the start, he was typecast in this role only to prove himself to his followers later on that he can be more than a mutant, who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, three retracting bone claws on each hand and a healing factor that allows him to recover from virtually any wound, disease, or toxin at an accelerated rate.
one of the favorite superheroes (photo grabbed from
one of the favorite superheroes (photo grabbed from
photo grabbed from
displaying the 2h’s — handsomeness and hunkiness (photo grabbed from
photo grabbed from
wearing his trademark leather jacket (photo grabbed from
there you go, presenting to you the films where i first encountered these nominees.
as i do the countdown before the academy awards, i am hoping that i will have already watched daniel day-lewis’ “lincoln”


and denzel washington’s “flight”.


i have declared january 16 as “les miserables” (see related post atΒ  day for me making it as the very first film which i will be able to critique. and since jackman topbills this most awaited film, he will be the first one to convince me that he deserves that best actor award.

for the meantime, i can only wish them “may the best man win!”

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  1. I was watching the late night news on TV and guess what—–the news said that Daniel Day-Lewis is likely to win the prestigious Oscar this year.

    They based the news perhaps on the poll done by Reuters IPsos. here’s the link.
    However, though he’s currently on the top list, the coveted award might be stolen by Hugh Jackman who came second. ( who knows) as he said, “Members of the Academy love surprises, so about the worst thing that can happen to you is if you’ve built up an expectation.” Good answer!

    I’ve learned from the news that it will be his third in case he wins. WOW!
    a ” Hollywood history” as stated in the news.


    1. daniel day-lewis is really the strongest contender in this category having won two oscar awards (i also mentioned this information here).

      it’s a psywar in acting awards you know. hehehehe. with all the publicities, surveys, etc. being released supporters of each nominee must not allow themselves to be dissuaded.

      yes, i agree. the surprises are the best part of the academy. that’s why i LOVE watching this! πŸ˜‰

      i will still root for hugh but whoever brings home the statue on the awards day truly deserves it having gone through a very tough selection process. πŸ˜‰


    1. beng/friend, is this you? πŸ˜‰ (i had this hunch because of the code that appeared and the style in writing the comment…hehehehe…)

      if not, well thanks a lot for sharing the link “anonymous”.

      “lincoln” is coming soon in the theaters (hopefully next week), and i will surely watch it being also a daniel day-lewis fan. with that, i will already have a concrete basis for comparison re acting between hugh and him. πŸ™‚


  2. oh well, as usual I hit the post comment button without clicking an icon to log in…and yeah that blog seems a fearless forecast of the reviewer. It looks like daniel will have his third this year, but then the wheel can turn around for Hugh.


    1. hello, bluebelle. i was able to watch “lincoln” yesterday, being the opening day here in the philippines. i won’t be surprised if daniel receives his third oscars trophy, setting history in tinseltown.

      yes, i have been rooting for hugh jackman after watching him in “les miz” but i concur that daniel day-lewis’ acting as abraham was incomparable.

      thank you very much for sharing the links and finding time to message me. πŸ™‚

      this exchange of thoughts makes me more excited for the academy awards. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    1. i will stay glued on the tv set come oscars airing time, friend. i guess i won’t be able to check on the twitter. πŸ™‚ but, thanks for this.

      hollywood is buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing. and so are we. hahahahaha…


    1. criteria were set in picking the winner for each category and for the best actor, it was daniel day-lewis who convincingly met the judges’. truly, he is the BEST among his equals.

      personally though, i still relied on my watching him in “lincoln” to be able to say that his acting is INCOMPARABLE.

      i watched the whole ceremony and i felt like being there at the kodak theater myself.

      oh, how i love the academy awards! πŸ™‚


  3. woke up late ( as usual) just content myself with the news on yahoo and the bts at instagram. Daniel made hollywood history. Can’t forget him in LOTM because of that ” I will find you…” line he said to Madelyn amidst the the raging falls. I have yet to see him in Lincoln. Saw flight in DVD–Denzel was fine. With Hugh , he was a revelation in his LM role.


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