Wandering Jouster: Rising Like a PHOENIX

I have resurrected!

After more than a week’s lull in my blogging, here I am burning with so much fire just like the mythical sacred firebird.
the phoenix (photo grabbed from http://camphalfbloodroleplay.wikia.com)
The Phoenix (photo grabbed from http://camphalfbloodroleplay.wikia.com)
Rising now from my very own domain wanderingjouster.com,  I feel I am renewed and reborn.
The sudden alarm of having my previous blog site deleted on January 4 due to unexplained terms of services for free blogging had me engulfed by a dark cloud. at one point, I was freely putting all my thoughts and feelings as WJ. Then suddenly, I was chained…bounded.
Blog suspended due to inactivity…” This notification left me speechless for a while after failing  to reopen wanderingjouster.blog.com.
Of all blogs, mine was stamped with this! INACTIVITY? My goodness! The keyboard was already complaining about its overuse. If it could just talk, it would air how exhausted it was with my almost incessant writing every day.
What added more to my confusion was not being able to open the two links which they provided. I succeeded in opening http://support.blog.com where I was able to type an inquiry. What I received was an automated response informing me of their receipt of what they call “ticket.” You see, to be able to express my concern, I had to go through an on-line process which had me signing up in a new center (I am not even sure what the right term to use for this) again in the end.
Whew and an echoing argggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhh!
The next day, I resent my inquiry and received the same answer in my yahoo mail. Panic was attempting to creep in into my system, but being a girl scout and a frustrated James Bond female version, I had to stay focused and do the necessary troubleshooting.
From day one of this unexpected turn-out in my blog which I have nurtured like my own child, I started patiently transferring all my 160 articles to my blog address at wordpress.com which I immediately registered on January 6 with the big help of my niece Yula.
You might call me a nincompoop for not keeping my back-up files of these entries, but this is how I do my blogging – direct writing on the page so I could do proofreading, editing, and lay-outing  in one sitting. A big mistake indeed! Now, I learned my lesson and I am always open for overhauling this “force of habit” thing. This write-up will begin the most sensible step to do if I will have a new post.
Today, after full seven days, my works are in their new home. Given a fresh look, this is the very idea of rising like a phoenix from the ashes.
In my own fortress, expect another level of passion as I continue to unleash myself  and widely spread my wings via the power of the written word.
rising like the mythical bird (photo grabbed from http://www.blingcheese.com)
Rising like the mythical bird (photo grabbed from http://www.blingcheese.com)

It is only in this article where I will be using RED for the whole text.

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