viva sto. nino!

january 18-20 is pista ng sto. nino at san beda college alabang. this is one of the highlights of the ruby celebration anniversary in this institution and i am again lucky to be a part of it.

sto vivo

with this colorful poster out, our bedan community has become busier  with all the preparations which were started as early as june 2012. from the integrated basic education down to the tertiary level, everybody is expected to participate in this event which will be another milestone in san beda history.
now, your attention might have been caught by the image  of sto. nino in this poster. allow me to print in toto the explanation  for this avant-garde  design:
Ushering a neo-Ruby year, the Holy Child is set on a pyramidal pattern representing harmony and unity within ourselves and the community. The individual building blocks of the pyramid are milestones of events for San Beda College Alabang. Designing the Sto. Niño image in modern art signifies new ideas, a fresher look into the future. The color yellow implies illumination which means spiritual enlightenment. The color red which stands for valor capes Niño Jesus, and is also the ruby gem commemorating 40 years of excellence of the institution. The “banderitas” lend the festive spirit typical of Filipino custom.
Since 1903, the Benedictines in the country have imbibed the religious observance to the Holy Child. It has been a part of the rich Bedan culture and history. Let us then continue this sacred tradition toward strengthening Catholic Christian principle, ideals, and values.
come january 20, this jubilation will be capped by a karakol which i will definitely attend having experienced this last year (see related story at i joined this and will be joining again not because i am duty-bound and i want to show my religiosity but because i acknowledged the fact that our  strong faith is one of the ways to salvation.
my parents’ strong faith and devotion in the sto. nino when my eldest brother yul (nickname long) got electrocuted accidentally year 1979 had him survive and enjoy his second life up to now. young that i was, i witnessed how papa and mama clung to this intangible link as they watched my brother’s ordeal of losing his left hand, his two toes, and his three fingers in his right hand. he almost spent one whole year in ago medical hospital in legazpi city. i remember, we would regularly go to sto. domingo church in tiwi, albay just to ask for continuous guidance and protection for a loved one whom we might lose any time.
presently, long  has his own family and is successful in his chosen career. i know, blessings have been pouring to him. i just do hope though that he, being a living testimony of this devoutness, has continued what our parents had started.
as for me, i have my own way of manifesting this faith. i am confident, i am not the one being referred to in yano’s satirical song “banal na aso, santong kabayo“.

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