the essence of friendship

twenty years.

that loooooooooooooooooong!

i lost count of the number of years that these two men, who play key roles in my life, had to wait before they reunited physically. well, they didn’t. thus, they scheduled a get-together on december 29, 2012.
larry and ning/knots in jubail after 20 years
larry and ning/knots in jubail after 20 years
quick rewind 1.
knots (ning to me and renato andes in real life) and larry were former colleagues in capelec, riyadh and became friends. but when larry decided to go back to the philippines, there was a long lapse in their communication. that’s why if facebook were not invented by mark zuckerberg, they wouldn’t have this reconnection.
so ning, with his family, had to drive all the way from riyadh, saudi arabia for four hours to have that most wanted meeting again with my husband. it was a good timing because he would also be visiting his brother whose job site is near larry’s.
quick rewind 2.
seventeen years ago, ning (he’s my close friend way back when i was still a high schooler and my brother-in-law’s classmate in college) was responsible in introducing larry to me. that time, the both of us were hesitant in starting a new relationship with someone, but fate had a different plan for us.
now, everything is history and i have ning to thank for in making sure that his friend would not fall short of the traits which i was looking for in a man.
quick rewind 3.
what is so interesting to note is that prior to ning’s playing cupid to us, larry had already succeeded with this matchmaking role to him. his wife is larry’s friend.
well, you might be analyzing this as a clear form of indebtedness on the part of ning when i was introduced to larry, but is there something wrong with it? none. being my true friend, ning only wanted the best for me.

today, all of us are grateful for the turn-out of events. you see, in our allowing the present circumstances then to affect us positively, we are now all enjoying its benefits.

larry with ning and his family
larry with ning and his family
i wonder though when ning and i will have our own “reunion”. 🙂 in person, i really would like to express my overflowing gratitude and tell him that i got no regrets.

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