Saluting a Niece

With the gifts I received last Christmas there were those which really stood out. 😊

The reason is not much of what was given (because to me the thought that goes with it is enough), but who the giver was.
Such is the case of these presents which I received from my niece, Christine or fondly called Tintin by us.




They may be as simple as they may look, but they mean a lot to me. they definitely show how much Tintin knows things about me as her Tita Mau, from my favorite color down to my penchant for ethnic accessories. For sure, she took pains in choosing these gifts.
But what is so special and endearing about tinitin’s act of thoughtfulness and generosity is the fact that she put great efforts in saving for the gifts which she would be giving not only to my whole family, to her Tito Joseph’s family, her Tita Nano but most especially to her parent and siblings in Naga City. It touched me because she’s now putting into action one of the reminders which I gave her when she was still with me in Manila while finishing her schooling in college. It’s not about pay back time after getting a job, but rather letting your loved ones feel how important they are to you no matter how seldom the gesture is or how simple it is.
Since the year when she had earned her degree, Tintin had really tried her best to do this in her own little way.
daughter and mother at PICC, 21 march 2010
daughter and mother at PICC, 21 march 2010
celebrating tintin's graduation
celebrating Tintin’s graduation
hurdling it through as a family for four years...
hurdling it through as a family for four years…
with her tita sheila (+), tito joseph and mother (my sister jovy)
with her Tita Sheila  (+), Tito Joseph and mother (my sister Jovy)
I know she’s not earning that much in her job, but her sharing these blessings will make her actuate the karmic rule “kindness begets kindness.”
It makes me proud as an aunt to see one of my nieces who manifest the values which I partly inculcated to her as her guardian for four years. I can now be at peace that my being her second mother as she found the realization of her own dreams six years ago had not been wasted.
enjoying squid balls with tintin last december 30
enjoying squid balls with tintin last december 30
Thank you very much, Tintin! I am happy to see that you have grown into a young woman who is sure to succeed no matter what challenges you face because you have been honed by experiences and time.

I know you, too, are a JOUSTER!

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