wj’s 2012 highlights

yipeeeeeeee! 364 more days and zing…welcome, 2014!

so fast, isn’t it?
if only it were reality, it would be totally DRAB.
i would still stick to the usual — letting time take its course on its chosen pacing. it’s exciting to wait and see what each day will bring to us…always unpredictable.
just like how we spent our third time in welcoming the new year in las pinas city. i could say that we did it spontaneously and became more creative being staunch supporters of the anti-firecrackers campaign.
when the clock struck at 12 midnight, the five of us — arthur, alexander, lancelot, my sister nano and i, did our own noise production. the twins, holding their drumsticks (yes, the real ones!), made use of our aluminum tub as their main drum; lancelot blew his trumpet and shrieked in his highest and loudest voice in-between; sister nano held a flat piece of wood and let it run through our iron gate to and fro; and i, turned on carlo santana’s “smooth” in the cd player of our car with a volume more than the normal decibels and switched on the hazard lights.
this animation lasted for 15 minutes. after a while, the fireworks and firecrackers in our village also ceased. i was very very thankful. little by little, our community is realizing something more important when it comes to celebrating the new year.
today, we are all in a relaxing mode which gave me this opportunity to be reflective on what had taken place in 2012.
and for my opening salvo this year 2013, i would like to write down the events in my personal (running included) and professional life which i consider the peaks of the year of the dragon.



my first sto. nino fiesta as a bedan teacher where i experienced karakol



being one of the baptism sponsors of my high school best friend’s eldest daughter


first 16-k run in my hometown, legazpi city



   my twins’  moving up ceremony at  the IBED of san beda college alabang



   first bonding time with my brother joseph  after his wife’s demise in november



first spiritual retreat with my college of arts and sciences family



renewal of contract as a teacher in san beda college alabang



celebrating  ruby anniversary in san beda college alabang via retrospect  1970   as ali mcgraw



wearing my muslim-maranao attire for the “linggo ng wika” celebration had me landing on the page of the bedan herald


intensely reviving my blogging  as “wandering jouster”



 overflowing happiness for larry when he finally had his overseas work again 



receiving my second  “best teacher of the year” award during the teachers’  day celebration


25k run

  first 25k at the new balance power run, marking my return to running


a rare two-day escapade with my family and my brother joseph’s family at subic bay



seeing my  penned article published at  the  frontRUNNER magazine


celebrating our 15 years of marriage colorfully

these are just the high points in my many memorable  encounters with LIFE. obviously, they are the good ones.
of course i am not also forgetting the unpleasant ones.  it will always be a fact that they played a vital role in resculpturing me as a renewed individual.

may these experiences be positive or negative, i have learned that i still have a lot to learn…

as i face the new year, i have to check all my accoutrements and prepare myself for a new battle.
the story continues for WANDERING JOUSTER…

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