kaleidoscope of colors

it’s already 12:49 a.m., but i am still wide awake.

i am still savoring the fun and happiness yesterday as larry and i marked our 15th wedding anniversary.
sans bouquet and special lunch nor dinner, my three sons plus my visiting niece and sister were able to make our  day something to remember for my in absentia husband and me.
first, we had the documentation inside our simple abode before going to bf paranaque. thanks to tintin who brought her camera, we had a very willing “private” photographer.
with my three bodyguards minus the main man
with my three bodyguards minus the main man
after attending the five o’clock p.m. mass at the resurrection church, we proceeded to my brother joseph’s house in classic homes.
with my knight beside my brother's cute christmas tree
with my knight beside my brother’s cute christmas tree
nonoy with his nephews and niece
nonoy with his nephews and niece
knight and arthur with their cousin tintin
knight and arthur with their cousin tintin
there we stayed for almost two hours enjoying the talk with teri and nonoy, the merienda and animated movie “final fantasy“. but we had to leave since it was getting dark already and no one was left in our house. to add, nano would be arriving there to spend the new year with us.
a few minutes after our arrival,  we heard nano’s voice at the gate.  upon learning that our niece had been taking pictures, she gamely joined us. with her were the three wigs which she borrowed from me plus two new additional colors.
i quickly picked the white wig and nano chose the orange. so for the last 15 minutes, we had a blast doing what we liked best — posing and clowning.
sisters act 1
sisters act 1
sisters act 2
sisters act 2
sisters act 3
sisters act 3
sisters act 4
sisters act 4
sisters act 5
sisters act 5
while my sons were busy in the study room, we took that opportunity to be nutty and naughty in our living room! we had the loudest laugh as we did different poses as a pair and then individually. 
nano's best pose
nano’s best pose
my best pose...hahahahaha!
my best pose…hahahahaha!
now, are we rivals in this arena? no, never. we are always partners when it comes to pure entertainment.
thank you, sister and tin, for your presence. you were with me not only at my wedding but on the very day that larry and i have reached our 15th.
my small but complete family then...
my small but complete family then…

truly, you added more COLORS to my already COLORFU marriage.

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  1. Oh my G! it isn’t too late to greet you and Larry boy—HAPPY 15th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Imagine fifteen years ago you were just in your white gown saying vows of forever to Larry and now with your three ” knights” ( oh , is Alexander a knight?he was a great warrior, wasn’t he?) yours is still a blissful marriage.

    and where did you and cristy get those wigs??? well, magkamukha talaga kayo, haha, di lang sisters act, why not THE TWINS in fashion ” crazy mode”

    More happy days to come for you and larry!


    1. as the passe saying goes “better late than never”…hehe. thanks a million, friend. you have been a big part of our married life. for that, we will be forever grateful.

      three kings (not the magi) can be…yes, alexander the great was not a knight. uuuuuyyyyy…history naman tayo ngayon. hahahahaha. kakatuwa.

      from divi lang yang orange at white wigs. got pink, neon green and violet, too. collection ba. 😉 better caption yang naisip mo. hihihi. thanks. crazy mode talaga.


  2. Well, I found the THIRD without that reply box again. It’s the one preceding this entry. Why is it that those that interest my reading are the ones with missing reply box ? Am I starting to get pissed off…hmmm, a little.

    Anyway, thought of posting my reply here on that ” 12 highlights…” dated January 1,2013 since you talked about there the most wonderful events that occurred in 2012. Kaleidoscope does not only mean the changing hues or patterns of colors, it tells about LIFE the way you have evolved in it with those around you especially those people you love. I am pinpointing MARCH, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER events as deserving of my congratulatory remarks. For one, my TWINS were up there on the stage, two, my friend received the ” Best Teacher” recognition award and lastly, a couple close to my heart had celebrated their 15th year of marriage. WONDERFUL, isn’t it? I can see that you are enjoying now those things that you have been probably longing to do since then. After SJCS came the realization of those dreams, a self-fulfillment and an endless WANDERING.

    I’d like to share this poem of Paulo Coehlo because like most of us who are experiencing the meaning of life, we don’t stop learning and when we do, we paint them in our memories or blog them, haha

    I hope it’s not only the blogger who can put the emoticons,LOL!


    1. hello, friend. if you are referring to “wj’s 2012 highlights”, it has a reply box. just checked on it.

      i thank you for the congratulatory note that you posted here. my life has never been better after sj. hahahaha…

      your analysis about the WANDERINGS is right. the very reason why i named my blog WANDERING JOUSTER.

      we are all blessed to be lent this LIFE with and it’s only fitting to write beautiful poems about it. thank you so much for sharing the poem and the video.

      i think YOU can also put the emoticon. simply type the colon or semi-colon, the dash and the close parenthesis and presto (ice cream), you’ll have the smiley. 😉


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