smitten jouster

are you looking for a resto where your passion for food will be finally satiated?

don’t search long. there is one at molito complex in alabang!
cravings is the name.
this is the second food joint that i was able to try among the chain of eateries in this busy part of muntinlupa which is becoming a favorite destination of people from all walks of life. with its classic ambiance, made more distinct and appealing because of recycled decors (i.e., a soda can vase, newspaper vase holder, chair cover from white flour sack, etc.), it’s very very comfy for me.
so, my satisfaction wasn’t surprising when i was served with the iced tea blended peach mango in a tall glass. it made me forget my usual choice of bottomless house-blend iced tea. good thing cravings doesn’t have this order for this kind of beverage! i’m not sure if i can still consume another glass.
now this is tall!
now this is tall!
for my main dish, i had to order my favorite pesto with grilled chicken and compare it with my top 1, which is from the old spaghetti house. when it was served, the aroma of malunggay met my nostrils at once. the cat in me was ruffled. i had to taste it right away.
well, forgive my biases when it comes to pesto. i would still pledge my loyalty to TOSH’s. anyway, i was still able to empty my plate which means to say it’s not that unpalatable. meow, meow, meow…
what made me want to go back to cravings though is their salad bar which reminded me of wendy’s (i wonder if there’s still salad bar here up to now). but unlike the salad bar at wendy’s, cravings has an “eat-all-you-can” serving. you can always have a refill of your plate to your heart’s content. at wendy’s, you should be a very good architect or if not bring one, so that you could build your tallest salad pyramid out of the different ingredients available. going back is strictly a no-no.
the salad bar is not all. their soup, appetizers (i.e., raisins and peanuts) and simple desserts (i.e., gummy bears and dried mangoes) were also unlimited. really perfect for anyone who wants to have their money’s worth and their stomach fully satisfied.
now, who could resist the tempting sight of their array of cakes?
not me.
i had to have a taste of their warmed chocolate caramel. with my first bite, it was heavenly!
small bite tastes a lot!
small bite tastes a lot!
yes, i promised myself to be on diet after the holiday season, but with my discovering cravings i am not sure if i will be true to my words…

talk about motivated forgetfulness or worst, motivated dementia when one is smitten!




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