Freeing an Angel

At last, she has been released from darkness!

Presenting to you the angel which my husband gave me as a birthday gift in 1998.
first angel from larry, 21 april 1998
first angel from Larry, 21 April 1998
If I did not patiently look for old files, I wouldn’t be able to free this angel. I know, if she could only talk, she would be thanking me now.
Didn’t I tell you that Larry bought this because according to him, this  looked like me?

Judge for yourself.

6 thoughts on “Freeing an Angel

  1. did the blogger close the “leave a reply” potion on her December 30 entry?can’t find it. just decided to to throw some lines here subjoining my posts on your two december entries.

    those are pretty flowers! ( from larry) never knew you’ve green thumb
    ( wondering…do you imagine the lifting of my right brow?) did you personally plant those daisies. they are daises right ? larry could have beeped me and requested me to do the sending of flowers for you LOL! in that way you couldn’t have missed another beautiful bouquet kasi ako ang mamimili, hahaha.

    like to share this quote from Linda Miles. she said that “All those “and they lived happily ever after” fairy tale endings need to be changed to ‘and they began the very hard work of making their marriage happy.” i may not be so often in your company, but i believe both of you are working hard to make your marriage not only a happy one but a marriage to keep in the midst of any kind of circumstances. Keep the love burning. I know you’re two souls meant meant to be together for a lifetime.

    re: on the angel looking like you————sige na nga!


    1. bff, i will go to sleep with a smile because of your latest remarks.

      good that you inquired about the missing “leave a reply” box. i had to double check it and saw that i missed checking the two boxes there which allow comments.

      yes. my “green thumbs” are late bloomers. hahahaha. just discovered it when i did not teach for a year after uprooting myself from sj. they are not daisies. more of violet babies’ breath. close-up lang yung shot kaya parang malalaki katulad ng daisies. i have to ask an expert on flowers about their name one of these days.

      ay, oo nga no? got to tell larry about it. i bet you will choose a pretty one for me because you know my taste.hihihi. 😉 to add, you are near L. Carlos — his favorite flower shop.

      beautiful quote, friend. something to guide the both of us as we continue safeguarding the sanctity of our marriage.

      hahahahaha. napilitan ka sa angel ah?

      thank you very much again…reading and replying to your posts are now becoming a welcome habit. 😉


  2. to add——– those pics of your family in the church where the two of you were ” tied” isn’t just a ride away to my place???? and you didn’t bother to drop by. Kung jeep the five you will only spend eighty pesos balikan, kung taxi around sixty pesos plus the tip…and yet…NEVER MIND!


    1. friend, baka magka-friendly argument dito. hahahahaha. ;-)sometimes, there are things that are better left unsaid or unexplained. i know you will always have a room for understanding. thank you very much.


  3. No——–i won’t go for any ” friend;y argument! I want a ” fight”

    Oh! don’t take me seriously. I always have a room for understanding, haha–however, it’s SRO, joke, joke joke.


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