freedom is (also) mine!

the posting  of  a special calendar with a caption “Important dates to remember for 2013. Which date are you most excited about?” by when in manila  site owner vince golangco in his facebook account,  had me going in a frenzy and made me type my answer.

movies to watch in 2013 calendar
movies to watch in 2013 calendar
Mau Mediavillo-Gines january 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as you can see january 16 is the opening date of  tom hooper’s big-screen adaptation of one of the longest-running musical in history, “les miserables.
cant wait to watch this...
cant wait to watch this…
topbilled by hugh jackman as jean valjean of victor hugo’s classic novel, expect me to be one of the moviegoers queuing during the opening day. jackman, popularly known as wolverine of the “x-men” series, has convinced me that he has the talent and proper training not only as a movie actor but as well as a theater thespian when he hosted the 81st academy awards in 2009.
i was mesmerized with this hunk’s singing and dancing prowess. his versatility made me be more “in love” with this australian performer, who to me is a younger version of clint eastwood, one of my perennial hollywood crushes.
hugh jackman as jean valjean (photo grabbed from
hugh jackman as jean valjean (photo grabbed from
with russell crowe, who played phantom in the movie adaptation of “phantom of the opera” (see related story at, anne hathaway (she performed with jackman in the opening number in the 81st oscars), and amanda seyfried (the daughter in “mamma mia”), this movie has a casting coup that is sure to deliver the same intensity of entertainment as it is on stage.
les miserables 2012 film large movie poster (photo grabbed from
les miserables 2012 film large movie poster (photo grabbed from
written by two world-acclaimed musical theater geniuses, claude-michel schonberg  and alain boublil  of  the “miss saigon” fame, i have no doubt that this is one film that i won’t tire myself watching and watching all over again.
i stopped myself from reading any movie review. i do not want my own critique to be influenced by it. on the other hand, i might really not be affected being bias to “les miserables.”
in whatever adaptation it will be presented (i also bought and watched the liam neeson-starrer “les miserables“  in 1998 minus the musical aspect), i will always rave about hugo’s masterpiece that was given life on stage and screen by michel-schonberg and boublil’s librettos. 
Les Misérables (1998) film poster
Les Misérables (1998) film poster
i have loved “les mis” story especially the songs in this musical. personal favorites are “i dreamed a dream”, “who am i”, “on my own”, “do you hear the people sing”,  and “one day more”. so much that i like the cuts here that i picked the last three tracks to be included in our level production number during the sjcs language program on february 15, 2002.  fused with “the morning of the dragon” and “i’d give my life for you” from “miss saigon”, i ambitiously choreographed and directed a mini-broadway  realizing one of my dreamed numbers.
page 1 of 7 of my script, now more than 20 years in my keeping
page 1 of 7 of my script, now more than 20 years in my keeping
page 2 of 7
page 2 of 7
page 3 of 7
page 3 of 7
the finale "one day more"
the finale “one day more”
my unforgettable eponine, nicole lim, who sang "on my own" live
my unforgettable eponine, nicole lim, who sang “on my own” live
curtain call with all the program participants
curtain call with all the program participants
today, as i write about “les mis” and reminisce my unforgettable and self-fulfilling experience about it, i  think of my best friend, francis. we have been sharing the same passion since we were in college. but what is still a dream for me to watch “les miserables” and other broadway musicals like “mamma mia”, “staying alive”, “cats”, “fame”, “rent”, and others live on stage has already become a reality for him.
as for me, i can just turn to my old collections of these musicals, listen and sing along with the cast again, read the photocopied lyrics (sent by francis when he was still in las vegas), and imagine myself  without inhibitions in one of my colorful worlds  where i can also shout


helping me detach once in a while
helping me detach once in a while

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  1. Suddenly got the urge to check on your blog after reading some unsavory articles on Ricky Lo’s interview with Ann H. who just recently won her best supporting actress from GG for the film version.
    My intuition was right—you won’t miss writing an entry on Les Mis, much less evoke those times you were hungry for musical plays that you were able to put up a spot on that particular fave on one of your school presentations ( how I wish I was there to watch the fulfillment of your dreams that time it was done in sjcs)
    Haven’t seen the film yet because I always think of Lea S. doing the job on the local screen, haha. Anyways, got read some of the reviews just to entice me to watch the film version. Beep me when you’re done with yours.

    Btw, where are the emoticons? I saw one in your last reply on my post. Can find it here


    1. be it a regular visit on my blog or just an urge, i feel very much delighted. your thoughts on my articles are well-appreciated feedbacks which inspire me to write more, bff beng.
      now i am convinced. when it comes to intuitions, yours is one of those that are usually RIGHT! hahahahaha…
      my love for broadway musicals has not been diminished. i was thankful that sjcs has given me the opportunity to realize one dream which used to be just a dream (i feel like singing fantine’s “i dreamed a dream” here…hehehe.)
      frankly, i had to compare the singing of eponine in this film version to lea’s rendition. obviously, i would still go for the original “miss saigon’s” incomparable talent.
      i didn’t dare read any reviews before watching the film, but i had the chance of reading a critique of a kindred blogger (titanium runner) who did an excellent job. his blog is one of the links under RUNNING. try reading it. it might convince you to finally view it. as for my review, i wonder if i would be able to do one. i might lack the words which will express my being enthralled by this movie. hmmm…you’ll be the first to know if i finally work on it. 😉
      thanks a million for using WJ as another medium to strengthen our connection. 😉


  2. Friend you know that I am a lover of music whatever type it is–be it broadway, bossa nova, jazz, classical, pop or RnB. depending on my mood I enjoy listening to them. However, it feels really good listening live to those broadway songs from great theater performers ( on that aspect I would say you’re an influence) , how much more watching known Hollywood actors do it in movie adaptation. I love Russel Crowe since ” Beautiful Mind” ( did he hit a note or two in the movie?), i think the ” wolverine” guy made a great leap being cast in this musical film, and as for Anne doing the
    ” Fantine” part, mostly I read she was good, the reason perhaps she nabbed the lead role on another film version of Shakespeare’s ” Taming of the Shrew”.Maybe she got some pointers from her Mum,who, according to what I read had played the role of Fantine previously. Well, after reading Titanium’s blog ( that you recommended) along with those earlier reviews and with the string of awards it won I might include LM to my list of films to watch———-because I usually go for action films, haha.

    …and yeah you’re right. somehow “we get connected” when our thoughts are
    ” interspersed” LOL! one day I might offer an argument on one of your posts.


    1. the fact about you which is stated in your first sentence is one thing that made us hit it off when we were still very much in sj. i clearly remember how we became “head over heels in love” (hyperbolically speaking of course) with jong cuenco. hahahahaha. wow. i am flattered to be of influence to you, friend. thanks a lot. yeah. i truly miss our “vice” before — watching films (esp those that were not commercially released) and concerts (local and foreign). 😉
      if hugh jackman wins the oscar best actor award, i hope no one will oppose the choice. hehehe.
      i didn’t know that re anne’s mom playing fantine. now, i would no longer wonder why she’s very good. i haven’t found time reading enough print publicities about “les miz”.
      i know your penchant for action films, but i am sure you will not let this film pass. 😉
      i like that term: INTERSPERSED. bring back our “ala-grabriela” moments. hahahahaha…friend, it’s through arguments that we realize and learn how much learning we still need to do.


  3. I’m pretty sure you have marked the 24th of February a red- letter day on your calendar being the day for Oscars contenders that you admire so much ( I read your entry about that) You’re heart might be beating because both Hugh Jackman of LM and Daniel Day-Lewis of Lincoln ( oh,I still remember his ” I will find you” line to Madeline Stowe and by gosh that was over ten years ago when we were also swept off our feet by the likes of Daniel, Liam Neeson, Tommy Lee Jones and even Denzel W.) Without contest, Hugh “may have” his chance for this film considering the nominations and recognitions he won from the different award giving bodies all over the US ( just sharing the summary)

    Of course friend we always love friendly arguments.


    1. yup, yup, yup! (sounding more of a doggie bark…hahahahaha!) i wonder if you saw the article “MAY THE BEST MAN WIN” here. it’s about the 5 nominees for the oscar best actor award, focusing on day-lewis, washington and jackman. perfect description – HEART MIGHT BE BEATING. as if i were the hopefuls. hehehehe. i clearly remember our undying LOVE to these actors not only because of their looks but their acting ability as well. not to forget is our dashing through the snow and a one horse open sleigh dreamboat – PIERCE BROSNAN!!!!!!
      thanks for sharing the link, friend. it’s a great help.
      agree! and i miss these arguments. hahahahaha…;-)


  4. ooopps…i miscalculated the rewind of years we have set our eyes on Daniel ( Day-Lewis) Since the movie was way back 1992, then more than twenty years had passed when we were at the theater ? Correct me( I’ve forgotten whether the movie was commercially released when we both watched it ) and swoon over Daniel’s heroic rescue of the ” damsel in distress.”
    what’s so significant about the years? Wala lang——–ang tagal na pala, hahaha


    1. “last of the mohicans” was commercially released. madeline stone was sooooooo lucky to play opposite daniel day-lewis. grabeeee talagang swooning. parang bagyo na nga! hahahahahaha…

      i find great joy in doing all these flashbacks with you, friend. maraming maraming salamat.

      by the way, nagtext din sa akin si bosing ngayong umaga. she’s also asking about something which she sent me though her sms was broken. i had a hunch it’s also a card and up to now, i haven’t received it just like the one which you’ve been wondering (that’s a letter ‘o’ not an ‘a’…hehehehe) about. well, i do hope that it will still be in my possession and i’ll surely consider it as a very advanced greeting. hihihihi. 😉


  5. hey friend I didn’t just see your blog on your 5 faves who are competing for the Oscars———I READ IT… didn’t I say that? where is that emoticon again?

    Even I haven’t seen Hugh in LM because his ” Wolverine ” character is stuck in my mind, let’s bet for him…and that is in support of LM.

    i don’t like too much texting ‘coz it’s faster tapping my fingers on my keyboard but i’ve been talking too much here, i better go to your other entries and see what we can argue about, hahaha

    and btw, JONG CUENCO…yeah, I wonder if he still has his flute with him.


    1. thanks for reading the entry, friend. 😉

      let’s VOLT IN for hugh jackman. i am not sure if he is the lead character in the soon-to-be shown wolverine movie this year. i’ll check on it.

      i think, this is a better way. nothing to worry. we are both TALKATIVE. walang nabago. hahahaha. the teachers in us.

      same wondering on jong cuenco.:-)

      and another inquiry : IS HE STILL AS GOOD LOOKING AS ACE VERGEL (+)?


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