fishy chatter

i want to scold the weather today!

it’s a bed bed weather…
after waking up at around eight o’clock this morning, i gave in to the lure of my bed once more.
it was a bit of self-indulgence for one and a half hours. perhaps, it could have been longer if lancelot did not complain about his grumbling stomach.
diagnosis: hunger.
mea culpa for waking up late.
so upon getting up, i quickly proceeded to the kitchen for our breakfast which i partly prepared with the older twin, arthur. he made his delicious scrambled eggs with chopped onions and tomatoes. i fried the remaining fish lumpia from the chiller. then, i opened the fridge again because my taste buds were looking for something different but could be perfect for the cold and gloomy weather this thursday.
tuyo a.k.a. dried fish was the answer to my para- infanticipating feeling. hahahaha…
the scaly tuyo (photo grabbed from
the scaly tuyo (photo grabbed from
i fried four pieces which i consumed alone. i told my boys that they were missing one of the best filipino delicacies.
i did not raise my sons to be picky eaters, but i already accepted the fact that i cannot force them to like something just because i find it mouthwatering. i am sure, the right time and even circumstances will make them eat tuyo which i have been loving since i was a kid.
aside from tuyo, i also enjoy badi a.k.a daing. bisugo daing, bangus daing (the belly part is my fave!) and galunggong daing are my most preferred varieties.
bisugo daing (photo grabbed from
bisugo daing (photo grabbed from
bangus daing (photo grabbed from
bangus daing (photo grabbed from
eaten at any meal of the day, this will definitely make me release several burps afterwards. to some, sliced tomatoes will be perfect for badi but i am no tomato lover so you won’t see me having this on my plate.
 next to daing is tinapa a.k.a. smoked fish.
tinapa galunggong (photo grabbed from
tinapa galunggong (photo grabbed from
in bicol, i was used to eating tinapa galunggong (mackarel scad). it was already the best for me. but when i became a manila resident and married a native of indang, cavite, i had a taste of their tinapa salinas which i think is better-tasting than my first choice. nowadays, i often buy this smoked fish which can be part of my daily meal.
tinapa salinas (photo grabbed from
tinapa salinas (photo grabbed from
for my contemporaries in albay, i am sure that they know agon and turay. i tried surfing the net for their photos but i found none.
agon is somewhat similar to tinapa but they differ in the texture of their skin once smoked. as far as i can recall, agon’s skin is gummy when you try flaking it. my maternal grandfather, lolo merto, would use agon in cooking ginataang lubi-lubi (see related story at sometimes, we would simply flake its skin and mix it with sliced onions, tomatoes, and balao (alamang in tagalog). we also did this to tinapa galunggong by combining it with thin slices of mariguso a.k.a. ampalaya or bitter gourd, and presto we would get ourselves a delectable but costless appetizer.
on the other hand, turay is kinalburong sira. it’s much saltier than tuyo and badi and it’s whitish unlike the other dried fishes. kinalburo is fish preservation using salt. this is almost the same procedure done to salted eggs except that the latter undergo boiling.
what is so distinct with turay is that it’s a little itchy when you eat it. well, i don’t know if it’s really the usual taste of turay (to some it might even be bad-smelling) or there’s a somewhat allergic skin reaction on my lips every time i eat it, but it actually adds to its delish taste. with one or two squeezed calamansi to it, this dried fish is a simple but belly-gratifying dish.
my talking about agon and turay is also a silent inquiry whether these are still available in my hometown. if they are not, it will make me sad. little by little, the bicol dishes which i have grown up with and have loved are already disappearing from the local market. they are part of the rich bicol heritage and they give us the unique identity as bicolanos.
now, i am famish after this talk. well, there are still four more uncooked tuyo in the refrigerator. i have to cook them for our late lunch and eat them again with gusto in my bare right hand.
after the cholesterol laden recipes which we had prepared and eaten during the holidays, tuyo, daing, tinapa, agon and turay will surely be a welcome change in the menu.

simple food…

simple wants…

simple life!

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